Reflection and New Moon

For the past week anything left over to be cleared from the full moon was brushed abruptly to the surface. Many experienced two complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

Some felt the post moon energy was calm and relaxing. Some felt chaotic and unsettled. It’s important to understand no matter which side you fell on, the most important thing is how did you react?

Were you patient, kind and supportive to others if you felt balanced? Did you take a moment to spread that energy perhaps by complementing someone or helping someone in need?

If you felt lost or out of balancd, did you take the time to center? Did you practice kindness and patience with yourself?

It’s important to realise that how we treat ourselves is a direct reflection on how deeply we can share love with others. This goes hand and hand with how much compassion we show others will reflect our own self love.

No matter how you felt, the impact is in what you choose to radiate. Always choose to reflect a positive vibration. This radiates across the earth’s magnetic field and promotes unity, peace and love. Take a good look at your contribution to the earth energy and check to see if you are proud of what you shared. If not be mindful next time to make a difference.

***Hello to the new moon! Today we take a moment to honor the beautiful new moon arriving in Sagittarius. This will provide a much needed lift in your vibration while December sets up. Today is the day to manifest!

Remember, new moon is for new ideas and manifesting. Spend a moment writing down what you want to focus on this month. Start small. Something as simple as I want to become aware when I think a fearful thought and repeated a mantra or I will tell my spouse I love them twice a day. Anything that you want to focus on, this is the prime day to tell the universe your plan.

If manifesting try to remember, coming from a place of gratitude is key. Manifestations are only as strong as the emotion around them. It’s not the thought that counts. It’s the thought married to the feeling together create the vibration and bring it to life.***

Next month is going to be wild! Details on that later in the week. Until then, sending love and light – Jillian

A view from my beautiful fall walk yesterday. Beautiful grounding and light to all of nature!

Alert -tomorrow night 400 meteors an hour! The Unicorn of all meteor showers!

Set your watch for 11:50pm (EST) on Nov 21st! I have been feeling the energy of this one brewing for the past 2 days! Tomorrow night Monocerous the Unicorn meteor shower will be occurring.   This shower produces 400 meteors an hour! Intensity like this is VERY rare.   It is like a starburst explosion in the air.  Our spiritual, physical and emotional energy will be insane to say the least.  It is absolutely no coincidence that this is occurring while many of us have been reporting massive energy and emotional waves.  In addition, Mercury is in the process or returning to its natural motion.  This storm is the kick off of a new energy ushering in to prepare us for the new year.

Please, please, please take the time to anchor this energy in.  The more souls working on this the better!! Take time to ground your energy and/or picture a pillar of light guiding energy down from the universe into the core of the earth.  Alone we are strong but together we are unstoppable.

Below is a link to learn more about this event.  The article in the link will also provide a time converter for those of you not on the east coast of the US, therefore, you can find out when the show will appear for your location.

Hold on tight! It’s going to be a wild next few days.

Sending love and light- Jillian

Click here to read about Tomorrow’s Meteor shower

Leonids meteor shower calls for us to wake up that crown chakra!! Harness this energy!

Welcome to the Leonids meteor shower peaking tonight and tomorrow. This is a medium level meteor shower, however, sandwiched between the full moon and the new moon, it will feel more intense than usual. This shower will be amplifying the 7th chakra and expanding the flow of energy in your spine and upper chest.

If cultivated correctly, the fluid around your spinal column serves as a conductor of energy. Deep breathing along with practicing bondas (energy locks in your body) activate this flow and create positive and negative charges that influence your pineal gland in the brain.

Today is an awesome day to practice some kundalini breathing for that crown and to shake up the crystals in the pineal gland, a.k.a, the seed to our soul. Below are some videos to help guide you on how to practice this breathing and clear your 7th chakra. Choose whatever you are intuitively drawn to. Beware, it is pretty intense but awesome results!

Always here if you need me. Love and light- Jillian

Chick here for kundalini breathing video

Recommend guided breathing for this technique

Music for 7th chakra

A moment of prayer

Taking a moment to reconnect after a wild week. As we close out the full moon, we prepare for the meteor shower next week. Most of all, we pray and send love to all of those suffering. You are never alone. We are all in this together.

In the words of my beautiful daughter, “Whenever you’re stuggling remind yourself, you’re awesome. Super awesome. No one can take that away.”


Many earthquakes reported after yesterday’s full moon/mercury shake up!

From France to California many earthquakes shook up the area while the massive energy of Mercury’s transit and the full moon passed through.

Massive wind, snow and rain storms across the country. Over 200 weather records broken! The new energy arriving yesterday was wild!!

This should not be a surprise since many of you know how correlated the universal energy is with the earth as well as our spiritual centers.

I encourage all of you to ground your energy as much as you can today to allow this vibration to move through.

Also, keep up with the heart and shadow self meditations from last week. This will ensure balance during this rocky period.

***Quick side note- balance doesn’t necessarily mean you feel amazing and 100%. Sometimes, finding balance means moving out old emotions and letting go of blockages. Keep that in mind if you are meditating but still having emotional outburst or physical reactions. Balance and clearing go hand in hand. Welcome the release and it will move through easier with less disruption. Remember to breathe and honor your emotions. They are there to guide you. Do not fight them. If you can’t calm yourself to meditate, yoga, nature walks, a saltwater bath,etc. are also great to clear and release.

Below is a meditation specifically for grounding. Take a few moments to listen and pull the energy through.

guided grounding meditation for the root chakra

click hear to read more about earthquake in Hawaii

Click here to read about earthquake in the Philippines

click here for article on California’s earth quake clusters

Wild next couple of days – Be Prepared!Meditation for Heart Healing & Forgiveness

The next several days are will be very powerful.  This is not a time to skip meditation or spiritual routines.  Below are a few suggested meditations to stayed grounded, centered and clear.

The first guided meditation is specifically for the heart and is compliments of my teacher Johnna Smith (  She is a beautiful soul and amazing healer who has helped me more than words can express the past few months.  I am forever grateful for her guidance and light. I want to share this with all of you to assist with forgiveness and the heart clearing that is currently taking place.  I have been listening to this meditation all week. It has been wonderful for releasing and centering heart energy.

The second guided meditation is for healing the shadow self.  This month is all about learning to love ourselves unconditionally.  Take a moment to work on healing the parts of yourself that are needed to create wholeness.

Last are two links to solfeggio tones specific to the Throat and Heart Chakra.  Both are great choices to leave playing while sleeping or doing daily chores/activities.  This will ensure these areas of your energy stay as centered as possible.

As always, I am here for all of you.  Please email or text me if there is anything you need.

Sending love and light – Jillian heart meditation;

Shadow Self Guided Meditation

Music for 5th Chakra

Music for 4th Chakra

Heightened energy reminder

Don’t forget todays metoer shower.

Anyone experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, uneasiness, anger or more extreme emotions please take a moment to look at my previous post for tips on how to balance in allow this energy to move through easier.

Remember, we are focused on the heart this month, which in turn means matters of the heart are going to be coming up front and center. This may be times when you’ve been heartbroken, it may be times when you haven’t loved yourself enough, it maybe times when you haven’t fully grieved something in your life, etc. I urge all of you to take the time out to let this energy release. Give yourself a break and be loving to others today. This energy will be heightened today and tomorrow.

For those of you have a moment tonight, take some time to go outside and watched the beautiful meteors send sparkles of energy down to our Earth super charging the love that we all have in our hearts. It is a beautiful day focus on that light. Also, the mantra “I love myself I am perfect the way I am,” is awesome to repeat.

I am here for anyone who has questions. In the meantime, keep checking back for updates and sending all of you lots of love and light. – Jillian