Many earthquakes reported after yesterday’s full moon/mercury shake up!

From France to California many earthquakes shook up the area while the massive energy of Mercury’s transit and the full moon passed through.

Massive wind, snow and rain storms across the country. Over 200 weather records broken! The new energy arriving yesterday was wild!!

This should not be a surprise since many of you know how correlated the universal energy is with the earth as well as our spiritual centers.

I encourage all of you to ground your energy as much as you can today to allow this vibration to move through.

Also, keep up with the heart and shadow self meditations from last week. This will ensure balance during this rocky period.

***Quick side note- balance doesn’t necessarily mean you feel amazing and 100%. Sometimes, finding balance means moving out old emotions and letting go of blockages. Keep that in mind if you are meditating but still having emotional outburst or physical reactions. Balance and clearing go hand in hand. Welcome the release and it will move through easier with less disruption. Remember to breathe and honor your emotions. They are there to guide you. Do not fight them. If you can’t calm yourself to meditate, yoga, nature walks, a saltwater bath,etc. are also great to clear and release.

Below is a meditation specifically for grounding. Take a few moments to listen and pull the energy through.

guided grounding meditation for the root chakra

click hear to read more about earthquake in Hawaii

Click here to read about earthquake in the Philippines

click here for article on California’s earth quake clusters

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