February 2020 – Do not let the strength of the fire burn you!

The January shake up served its purpose. Filtering through the energy we all need in order to keep moving forward. It is a time of change, where our ego is being dismantled and all we identified with is shifting to show us that we are more. Not only are WE as humans more, WE as a collective are more, the earth is more, our universe is more. Each and every thing on this planet and beyond are shifting to its new power. The biggest challenge will be for us to see that power and not give it away like we have so many times in the past. This is also why many of our power structures are also shifting, the medical, politics, religion, education, media, etc.…think about anything you gave your power to in the past to heal you, fix you, tell you who you are, it is all dismantling and re-calibrating. This is an attempt to avoid repeating the Earths past and prevent creating a new authority to become enslaved by. As the dominos begin to fall, do not let fear replace them. Look at it for the liberation it truly is, for nothing new every emerges without disrupting the old.

The big question is, what do you want to keep and what do you want to let go of? 2020 is all about the spiritual rebuilding process. Numerologically, astrologically, spiritually…any way you want to look at it, the message is clear; rebuild, restructure, redefine. None of us are exempted from this process. Where do you want to be? It is important to also view these occurrences on a macro level. This change is not only about how to make your life most comfortable, it’s about how to make the universe thrive. Therefore, think big. If you do not like something going on in the world, look within yourself to see why YOU created it. The world around you is nothing more than a hologram of what is inside of you. Where does the injustice lie within your soul? Heal that and you will watch it fade from your world. Inside and out.

In the new energy arising, choose to create change by harnessing energy and vibration, ether to ether (mediation, visualizing, prayer, inner emotional work) to manifest and heal. Become the walking energy field you want to earth to be. It is so much easier than fighting to move matter with matter (ex; protest, anti-campaigns, fighting against, disagreeing with). If we want a world with unconditional love, then look around you at what you are against…is that unconditional love? You do not have to agree with something completely but if you want your views respected, you better be respecting all other sides also. If not, then you are nothing more than a mirror of that same thing you fight. We are all moving through this together and the only block will be FEAR.

Throughout this year, amplified is month with the Leo full moon, the ego will be in full strength. Fear is an ego manifested four letter word. This year fears will rise. It is an illusion. In order to break from control, fear must be healed. This is why we are going through this extreme pruning process so many are struggling with. It is the death of all illusion and for many, believing the illusion gives us a sense of false security and some would rather live a secure lie than be a free soul. But as this energy builds, we will begin to learn what it means to be a free soul with each piece that falls away, a lotus flower grows from the murky pond. A caterpillar becomes a butter fly. The power is in your hands.

On to February 2020

Key tips – As this month kicks in, series of supermoons will begin. The energy theme of these moons will last throughout the coming months. Be aware of your emotional state. It will guide you through what inside you needs some attention.

February 9th – The first in a series of full SUPER moons. About 3 days preceding and following a full moon or new moon the energy will be the strongest. Take note of the date of this moon. Occurring on the 9th, a high spiritual day, promoting anything with a humanitarian cause. To ensure balance on this day and the days leading, think of what you can do to give back to the world? Perhaps volunteer, help someone with their groceries, pay for someone’s order in a drive thru. These are great suggestions on how to keep this Super Moons energy flowing through you clearly. This moon is under the sign of Leo. Leo is the lion, considered to be one of the most powerful of the zodiac. It is ruled by the Sun. The symbol of fire and masculinity. It also controls the 7th chakra, the crown, the site of our intuition. Put this together and we have a recipe for our inner power to be channeled spiritually and make some great strides to our healing or inner wisdom. However, if you enter this cycle out of balance you will find your ego taking over, pride, fear and illusion rising to the surface ruling your mind. Couple this with the element of fire and many altercations can occur. Entering this phase out of balance and you may experience the following physical symptoms; aches in your joints, stiffness, heart palpitations, extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, anxiety and exhaustion. Be aware that EVERYONE will be exposed this energy. Those most out of alignment with their souls’ purpose will be struggling. Do not start arguments with people, this is not a great day to discuss deep issues with a friend or family member, this is a good day to give back, not take. If you find yourself feeling out of balance, look below for tips on how to center and above all keep in mind, your emotions are a story to help guide you to what you need to heal. Don’t fight them, blame others for why you feel them or let fear take over. This will block the flow making the symptoms worsen and be counterproductive in helping yourself or the collective energy. Look at these emotions with love then choose a healing practice to use to help them move through (see suggestions below). I know this can be difficult but we are in this together and we all have the power to heal. Remember- full moon = Relasing

February 17th – Mercury enters retrograde. During any retrograde period, communication, both verbal and technological are affected. Be aware that this can happen and do not take anything personally. Mercury rules the nervous system and the 5th chakra. This planetary occurrence will be under the sign of Sagittarius. The positive aspects of Sagittarius are positive, dependable, fun! Therefore, this mercury phase has a strong potential to be uplifting and lighthearted. Some great qualities that we all need more of these days!! While it may not be a great idea to enter into a business contract or long meaningful conversation, it’s a great time to take a spontaneous vacation or read an uplifting book. See, retrogrades aren’t so bad!

February 23th – New Moon in Pisces. Pisces power chakra is the 2nd / sacral and is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Jupiter is one of the most intuitive signs. It primes our energy for a wealth of knowledge and childlike view of life. It is an amazing energy to promote inner expansions and wisdom. It also has the ability to strongly effect our hormonal and sexual systems. Consuming too much sugar or carbohydrates, while ALWAYS bad for your spiritual, emotional and physical body, are particularly harmful during a new moon phase in Pisces. Sugar and excess carbohydrates cause inflammation and digestion issues as well as excess bacteria growth in the gut and hormonal disruptions. If you don’t already, watch what you feed yourself during this cycle. Pay attention and ask yourself, is this food promoting who I want to be or what I want to the world to become? If you truly wish to grow as a soul practicing self-love is imperative. Do what your heart is telling you to do. If you don’t take care of yourself, what kind of an example are you for this earth to emulate? If you fight with yourself to do what you feel is right, then look within to see where love is missing causing you to abuse yourself. Let this new moon bring self-love to forefront and take a moment to ask your guidance, angels, universe, Christ, whomever speaks to your heart, to help you find that love within so you can shine. New moon = Manifesting. Don’t waste this energy!

Tips to stay balanced this month:

Yoga positions – Goddess pose, intense leg stretch crown to the ground, Forward fold, shoulder stands. Any hip opening pose such as, pigeon, side lunge, etc

Gemstone of the month – Amethyst, huge for the full moon and Carnelian is great for the New Moon

Aroma therapy to burn- Patchouli and frankincense

Clearing of the house – Nag Champa and Frankincense / Avoid sage unless clearing a lower vibration from your space or energy field.

AND do not forget to volunteer or give back in some way. With that high 9 energy, humanitarianism will be a wonderful way to keep your inner light clear.

Music and meditation for balance:

Guided mediation for 2nd chakra

Guided mediation for releasing and healing

Guided meditaion for the entire chakra system

Healing vibration music for the 2nd

Healing vibration music for the 7th

Sending Love and Light – Jillian Greyse

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*** IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE – This blog is designed to provide you with knowledge about how the universe is helping you grow each step of the way. As you read about these events allow them to make you more self-aware. If you wake up on a full moon day and feel anxious, LOVE it, honor it, be proud of it. If you’ve been nauseated and there is a cluster of earthquakes, accept it with compassion and focus on energy clearing. Each time you heal yourself, you heal the earth too. Start cultivating an understanding about our connection with ALL that is, not just ourselves. The description of these events is merely a map to help one avoid getting lost in the energy struggle. Do not fear what alignments each month brings, become empowered by the knowledge and use it to your advantage to prevent your subconscious mind from controlling the show. Begin to honor that all physical imbalances stem from spiritual misalignment. Your more than the voice in your head. I urge you to let the spirit that is you awaken and heal from the inside out or the outside in. Which every way you choose.


Constant Earthquakes and Eruptions taking place- grounding is extra important!!

A 7.3 earthquake was just recorded in Jamaica. This, along with the several other strong earthquakes in the Solomon Islands, Turkey and Alaska throughout this week have stirred up the earth’s energy.

Additionally, we have been experiencing an influx in volcanic activity from Washington to Tokyo.

As earth releases bursts of energy, we do as well. To help assist this process, take a moment to ground your energy into the earth and send light. You can achieve this easily by picturing something you love, then visualizing that energy moving throughout body to your feet, then earth’s core. This will greatly help the collective energy to move through quicker with less intensity.

All of this activity is serving to cleanse and set the stage for the upcoming supermoon in Feburary. Next month’s moon will be strongly influencing our 7th chakra, the crown. Prepare yourself now by taking care of your spiritual energy and adopting a daily practice that helps you to stay centered. Without some type of daily devotion to your growth, each passing month can become increasingly uncomfortable. This is occuring to assist you to release, heal and move forward.

The more unbalanced you are, the more anxiety and discomfort you will feel during these shifts. This is due to the fast moving vibration getting stuck in your energy field. It is imperative to take care of your mind, body and spirit at this time! I’m here for all who need me. Please be patient..I am doing my best to keep up with everyone’s messages. Sending all the light I can.

For meditation suggestions and links. Got to Previous blog on the New Moon

Check back for updates and Feburary’s monthly energy report! It is going to be a busy month! Love and light- Jillian

New Moon on the 24th – See your challenges in a new light.

As we head toward the new moon the earths vibrational frequency is shifting. We gain the opportunity to pull forward what we long to bring toward us. New moons are about manifesting, thinking about what you want in your future. Who do we want to become? What do we feel awakening inside us? It is important to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want during this time period. While it is always positive to focus on what you wish to bring toward you, during a new moon period the ability to manifest is especially ripe and powerful. If during this week you have an experience that pushes your thoughts off path, what is most impactful is how quickly you let go and refocus your mind into the right direction. This new moon will be in Aquarius, which will powerfully influence the 1st chakra, our grounding. If you enter this period at a lower vibration with your energy off balance, issues of stability will arise, financial security, home security, relationship foundations, fears of your safety, fear of the future, fear of health, feeling angry about your role on this earth etc. may come up. The emotion of fear resides in the root chakra. If these emotions occur, be sure to practice some grounding techniques and don’t be afraid to go within for more clarity. Often times when you take a moment to go inside and ask yourself how you are feeling and why, you will receive a response that helps you to gain in site and clarity. Always remember, no one will ever heal YOU better than YOU.

As the energy arrived over the weekend with vengeance, challenges around fears are brewing wildly. The wave this afternoon almost overtook any positive emotion in its way. We are gaining valuable knowledge in regard to what we need to focus on. Therefore, as you put into your mind all you wish to draw toward you, make sure to add in what aspect you would like to draw in healing for. Your being shown what to ask for assistance on and what you need to grow. Do not focus on this energy and think of it negatively. Do not label it as anxiety or depression or anger. Observe it and take note. Ask yourself what you need in your life to learn how to release. Use this new moon to request assistance for anything that you need. Know it is a guide to transport you to what you need to grow.

Tips – Frankincense or nag champa your home1st chakra yoga poses to include in your practice – Easy pose, Lotus, Child pose, Warrior 1 and 2 with feet grounded into the earthFor suggested meditations click here and scroll to the bottom.

Keep checking back for any updates that may arise as the month continues. Until then, sending love and light- Jillian


The Earth’s field has gone crazy! Storms across the US and too many earthquakes to count!

This week is ramping up to be a very active week so far.  The Schumann Resonance (electrical magnetic frequency of the earth, also called the heartbeat of the earth) measured daily began to show in rainbow on the charts.  This chart usually presents a white frequency.  Rainbow has never been experienced in the past. For those of you unfamiliar this frequency is measured constantly and remained the same for several years up until a couple years ago when it began to spike and take on a life of its own.  No coincidence since the earth is “waking up”.

In addition, several earthquakes have been taking place in both Puerto Rico and New Zealand, with the latest occurring within the past couple of hours.  Also, the intense storms taking place all across the US from snow to wind to massive lightening.  Those of you feeling out of sorts, there is plenty of reason for this.  Try to focus on being grateful that you are so connected spiritually that you can now feel these shifts.  This is a beautiful thing, not meant to be feared or thought to be personal.  THIS ENERGY IS COLLECTIVE! Meaning it’s deeper than just the issues bothering you in your personal life.  To clear this energy focus on your breath and visualize light moving from your 1st chakra to your 7th and releasing through the crown of your head. Do not forget to ground your feet! Help the earth to move this light through.  If you don’t, the energy may get stuck and cause more discomfort than necessary.  Look at the January Energy blog for suggested meditations and tips for balance

Remember, you are not alone.  We are all here together. Keeping checking back for updates throughout this month as we welcome to this new exciting year!

Sending love and light- Jillian



Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – be ready to see through the darkness

On the eve on this beautiful full moon and lunar eclipse, let’s take a moment to reflect on the past few weeks. What is coming up for you? What are you feeling? What themes are presenting themselves? The eclipse energy covering the moon/light will make way for our shadow sides to emerge. Take a moment to recognize what you are being called to honor and release. This is not the time to let anything linger. Grab a pen and paper and write down your emotions, then safely burn them inside or out, weather permitting. Honor your past and let go. Staying stuck is not an option. Utilize this moon to help heal what is calling you. Always remember any full moon is a time to release. With this moon under the sign of cancer, plenty of emotions will be surfacing and your 6th chakra (inner sight) will we in high gear. Go with the flow and do not fight.

Suggestions for balancing;

Yoga poses – Moon and Sun salutations!!! Sun in the morning and Moon in the evening. Mountain pose, Forward fold, lotus, half moon, warrior 1, 2 or 3.


Suggested meditation music – Guided and Music – The second guided mediation is a long mediation and is not free, but it’s well worth it. I urge everyone to make the time to listen in full to either meditation, without falling asleep. 😉 Feel the light fill in your soul.

Additionally, please take a moment to send light to Australia, Tasmania and the energy of the middle east. Remember, alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable. Sending all of you love and light.

Music for meditation

Guided Meditation to welcome in healing

Guided Mediation for awaking the 3rd eye

2020!! A high spiritual year filled with rebuilding and working together.

2020 is here! This will be a year for building, hard work and dedication. Numerologically resonating to the number 4, this year will focus on putting the pieces back together that last year dismantled. Welcoming in the new you and building a relationship with the soul within. In addition, the double 2’s (master spiritual numbers) indicate the learning and building taking place this year will have an undouble spiritual focus and will involve working together to succeed. Those who have not been working on healing the imbalances that have risen in 2019 will find situations in their life coming to a breaking point. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, 2020 will bring all that was previously ignored to a head. Be aware that anything coming up in the beginning of this year should not be taken lightly. Look within to heal and work on your light piece by piece. Step one is to look around at what you have created and accept, you brought these situations to you. YOU are the only one responsible for patterns repeating. Whether it is patterns in relationships, jobs, finances, health, etc., it is occurring because something inside of you mirrors this energy. If you don’t like what you are seeing in areas of your life, look within and heal why YOU called it to you. If you continue to bring the same circumstances toward you in life, yet ALWAYS blame the perpetrator or have many emotional warning signs and decide to self-medicate instead of looking within, this is when your calling in a “rebalance” or wake up call in your world to push you along in a different trajectory. For some that wake up call or guru may be an emotional upheaval in their world, an illness, an injury, etc. Regardless, all of these “tragic” situations are actually your most knowledgeable teachers. A simple change of view point during your struggle will provide clarity and start you on the path to heal and come into balance. This coming year we will all choose our own way to heal from the inside out. BE prepared to GAIN YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE and stop looking outside for answers. Start building yourself to heal yourself, for as the earth heals and rebuilds itself this year, we will all be called upon to do the same. Remember, it’s not about being the best or mastering your whole life in one month or one year, it’s about making progress. Baby steps or big leaps, both are perfect and will help to provide you with balance. The struggle will come if you refuse to take the steps to move forward.

This month areas of the body to focus extra on and nourish are the feminine/sexual organs, including the womb and the breasts. The moon will be under the sign of cancer. Cancer is very emotional and ruled by the moon as its primary planet, making a cancer moon the strongest felt. Therefore, the effects of this moon will be intense, not to mention the lunar eclipse occurring on the same day. There is little doubt that this month is going to be a turning or a breaking point for many. Watch what is coming up and stay balanced. In addition, cancer rules the 6th chakra (the 3rd eye). It is no coincidence that the first moon of this highly spiritual year is located in one of our most spiritual centers of the body. The combination of the feminine awakening energy and the intuition will be exploding.

January 3rd and 4th – Quadrantids Meteor shower. This is an above average meteor shower and will be setting the stage to amplify the energy leading into the Full moon/Lunar eclipse. This event is also occurring in line with a numerological #9 (1+4+2+0+2+0) day, therefore, it will also serve to amplify the spiritual energy aligning. I can already feel the energy for this event setting up. This is not the time to take a break from your meditations and spiritual practices. A nature walk is not enough. During the next few days try your best to sit and quiet the mind. Last year was all about dismantling the ego. This year will be about building back your spirit. Practices that quiet the mind cause your ego to take a back seat and allow your higher self to gain momentum. If you cannot quiet your mind enough to meditate, yoga and breathing techniques will also help to tame your ego and will serve as a great way to balance.

January 10th – The Full Moon in Cancer and Penumbral Lunar eclipse. Another double event further feeding off the energy of double events in the month of December. This will be the bookend to the double intensity energy events that began at the end of 2019. The energy from this event will build from the Quadrantids meteor shower up until this night. It will reach its peak then slowly decent back down leading up until the New Moon. Make sure you are keeping up with your spiritual practices and clear your home on this day. Sage, Frankincense, Nag Champa and Palo Santo are all excellent options to maintain balance in your home during this event. Cultivate your spiritual energy during this moon. The energy is going to be prime for intuition and opening your chakra centers. Do not miss this opportunity to connect and let the energy flow.

January 24th – New Moon in Aquarius. Notice how this month extends from the intuition to the root. From top to bottom, the 6th chakra down to the 1st. Whatever you cultivated in your spiritual centers at the beginning and middle of this month will be brought down into the earth’s energy field. This is incredibly important for the collective energy in the earth and for healing more than just your individual self. What change do you want to see in the world? What is your contribution? How can you make a difference? The answer in that in lies in what you do between the 3rd of this month to the 24th. Your individual energy will be sent through your field to earth’s magnetic field and will create a ripple effect that will not only set up the energy of the year, it perpetuates the healing energy needed to heal the earth. What could be more important than that?

In 2020 it is imperative that we all begin to do our part. No more excuses. Our soul is not on this earth to fit in, fear change and cultivate lower emotions such as greed, anger and sadness. We are here to heal. We are not victims, we are a team working together toward truth, love and light. Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable.

Remember, we’ve got this! Stay tuned for updates as the month progresses. I will do my best to keep you all informed with any energy shifts that may arise as the weeks pass.

Below are tips for the month to help you keep your energy clear and balanced

Crown 6th chakra and Root 1st chakra-

Yoga poses -Humble warrior, wide legged forward fold, Warrior 1, Childs pose with forehead to the floor. Be sure to ground your feet into the floor for each pose for added benefit.

Aroma therapy – Sandalwood, frankincense, lavender and rose.

Meditations –

Guided Meditation for the 1st

Guided Meditation for the 6th try to do daily!