Massive solar storm today,earthquakes last night,volcanic eruptions, meteor shower and NEW MOON!

Today -Solar Storms, Meteor shower, More volcanic eruptions and the new moon arrives.  It is time to question what your heart feels isn’t in line with your soul.  Are you brave enough to lead with your spirit? Watch video below.

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Where do you stand?

Virus and bacteria are vibrations. If you are not a vibrational match, they cannot grow in you. Guess what lowers your vibration more than anything? FEAR. Stop being a pawn and manifesting what the media tells you to. Be the change. Be the vibration in which lower vibrations cannot survive. Be your light. Let AstroloYoga assist you with that each month.

As you raise your vibration, you raise your immunity, your emotions, your physical body and your soul. Nothing negative can survive in that environment.

Time to wake up. We’ve got this. I am honored to be here with all of you. Becoming more and more light as each day moves past. -Jillian

Earths Magnetosphere reversed yesterday??? Massive unexpected solar storm! NONE of this is normal.

Quick Update! Possible Magnetosphere reversal??!!! MASSIVE solar wind storm detected! Not to mention the asteroid about to pass our atmosphere.. NONE of this is normal activity. Suicides on the rise, emotions going wild! WHAT YOU ARE FEELING IS NOT FROM BEING IN QUARANTINE!!! It is the energy. Please Please Please hang in there. You are never alone and we are in this together. WATCH to understand more! Please SUBSCRIBE to The Spirit That Is You channel to stay up to date.

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Video on Magnetosphere

Article on Massive Solar storm