As your darkness rises what will you do to heal? The next 2 days are pivotal.

As the fall comes to an end, winter will officially arrive this coming week. With the winter solstice around the corner it’s important to take a moment to understand what this time of year promotes for all of us. It is a time of inner work and clearing. A time to go dormant, like the earth, and evaluate what you need to in order to heal. This is why it is the darkest day of the year. It paves the way for our “darkness” to shine through so we can address it and let it go. It’s important to take the time to inner reflect while you are dormant and let go of what no longer serves you. This sets your energy up for a more balanced year and a calmer spring for new beginnings to start. Trust me, you want to enter 2020 as clear as you can. Quick tip: Take a pen and paper with you during your meditations and write down any emotions that are coming up. Then work on releasing them. If you need any help, let me know, I am always here. (

The 21st and 22nd the Ursids meteor shower will be at its peak. The meteor shower will amplify the solstice energy. This will take any dormant energy we have been holding on to and launch it to the surface. Take note of what is coming up, it will be your healing theme for the next several months. Be very mindful of your patterns this coming week. It just so happens to be a major holiday for so many, which will serve as an important teacher. Any emotions that come up are little lights shining on your next step toward freedom. They are clues to light the way for you to be aware of your inner self and what needs attention. On a side note, many struggle with emotions when they arise and do not know how to clear them. Please let me know if you need help and we can walk through this process together so you are able to further apply it to your self as you heal. It can be difficult to figure out what to release or how to release it.

As the darkest day of the year is comes up, write what about yourself you want to pull out of dormancy. It can be anything you want to let go of, you want to heal from, even something you want to learn more about that you have been putting off. Have a ceremony to release this emotion into the elements. A simple fire will do the trick. I urge all of you to go within. It is time and the energy will be there to guide you every step of the way. The question is, will you listen or try to hide? Try to remind yourself, you cannot hide from what is within. It’s part of you and will stay inside until you give it the wings it needs to fly.

I leave you with a picture of the sky today where I live. This rainbow appeared with the sun standing separately in the sky. It was like two suns in the same cloud line. The shape of the “eye” caught my attention. A beautiful message from above that all is as it should be. All is love and light.

Full moon 12-12-12 /3-3-3/ meteor shower. Heal yourself and watch the world follow.

We are 2 days away from the full moon energy of this month. As this full moon takes the spotlight in the sky, the magnified energy of this coming year will begin. Remember the power of doubles from the monthly energy report? May of us are already feeling the amplified waves arriving pushing energy through our spiritual body. Anything causing you to not open your heart center is going to become predominant over the next few days while this energy builds. This energy may seem unbearable but it is actually your guide. Pay attention to what is tugging at your emotions and release it.

In order to move forward we must have our heart center clear enough to align with our souls intentions. Therefore, on the beautiful eve of this opening of love for humanity and the power of 3, (12-12-2019 or 12-12-12 or 3-3-3) considered to be the holy trinity and the number of the divine spirit, let us come together and open the door for this next wave of energy to arrive. We are ready and have been working toward this for many life times. It’s here.

Remember, this light will be an explosion of energy more powerful than we have seen. As the Geminids meteor shower electrifies down upon us. All of these events clustered are not a coincidence. They are preperation for what we all have been feeling. A door opening to awaken in love where we remember our own power and stop allowing others to hold the key. From politicians to the medical industry to corrupt religion structures, we are watching the awakening of our own truth. Those of you stuck in fear, this is an indication of how much you gave your power away. Believe in you. Not what you’ve been told. All of us are Gods in the flesh powered by a source that created this world to reconnect with love. Look within and heal yourself, then watch world follow.

Anyone who needs help releasing, let me know and I will do all I can to help you awaken to your form of letting go. Also, the meditations in this month’s update will be very helpful. I’m here sending love and light – Jillian

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December 2019 Monthly Energy – The close of a year of growth

December always brings with it the end of a cycle. It is a time for closing. A time to reflect and a time to be thankful for the year of growth we just experienced. What a year 2019 has been. Change is in the air as the season comes to an end, the focus of a new year dawns upon us. 2020 will be a year of building, finding our balance and learning to navigate with the new self that is forming in each one of us. As the earth grows and shifts our souls join the momentum. It will become increasingly important to be aware of what you are projecting and bringing toward you. Your perception of events in your life will either serve to transport you into your highest potential or bring you face to face with your darkest shadows. Two people living the same circumstances can perceive their lives as heaven or hell. The choice is up to you. December will be the final farewell to the learning ground experienced this past year. Even though this is a socially busy month, please take the time to show yourself the love you deserve by feeding your spirit and providing the best foundation for the year to come.

Much of this month is about double doses of energy. Which is a precursor to 2020’s energy. 2020 is the power of a double 2. It is all about unity, multiples, relationships, coming together, the power of doubles. At first this might seem intimidating but it will truly be an opportunity or a gateway or sorts to really release all that is brewing. Many times, during an energy shift we feel intensely for a day and very few people actually work on the problem and seek to heal. December is not going to go easy on those who are avoiding or overlooking their blockages. Nor will 2020. This month several “high energy” days are going to be couple with multiple events. The best advice I can give is hang on and heal. And as always if you find yourself stuck in a point of healing you cannot seem to get through, email or text me and I will do what I can to help point you in the right direction.

December 12th– Full moon in Gemini. Up until the second week of December the Sagittarian energy will be leading the show. Therefore, take a peek at the monthly update for November for details on the Sagittarian new moon. December’s full moon is in Gemini which rules the 5th chakra, our voice, our communication and our expression center. Additionally, this energy also has a strong influence on the physical areas of the chest, shoulders and lungs. When out of balance bronchial tend to be vulnerable during a Gemini full moon, therefore, keep up with your wellness routine to avoid any colds or coughs this month! Gemini also brings extreme emotions and a very rajas mindset or need for constant motion. Keep this in mind before you start a long mediation. A shorter guided mediation, nice walk, yoga or something more active might make it easier to help your mind settle and rebalance.

December 13th and 14th -Geminids meteor shower. This meteor shower is considered the king of all meteor showers producing up to 120 meteors per hour. The full moon will be strengthened by the energy from this event this powerful moon phase. Take everything about the full moon energy and double it. Take every aspect (past and present) of your life that you felt your “voice” wasn’t heard or that 5th chakra energy was blocked and double it. Expect many current unresolved issues to arise during this period and work on clearing through the 5th. Additionally, this may lead to many people acting out if their 5th energy centers are blocked or in need of healing. This will not be the month to engage in a verbal argument with someone. So much of the emotions being released will be a result of the spiritual system attempting to clear. Be kind, be patient and sometimes letting someone else be “right” is more noble than proving them wrong.

We remain somewhat quiet for a couple weeks following these sandwiched events. This will be much needed to allow us to settle and reflect to heal. Please, take the time to heal. If you avoid using this energy now, it will return with vengeance. That is not a threat, it is a not so subtle push. Trust me, you do not want to mess with this energy. Any of us standing on the Earth need to evolve with her. Moving in stages is much better and easier than struggling to catch up. I promise 😉

December 21st and 22nd– Ursids meteor shower. Not surprisingly, again, this shower will be intertwined with the winter solstice. This shower is a minor shower as far as viewing is concerned but with the combination of the Winter Solstice it will be powerful and much internal growth will be called upon. This event will call forward your inner power or what is holding your inner power from shining. It will be a subtle indicator of what needs to be illuminated within you to become centered again.

December 22nd the Winter Solstice. Take note of the date. It is the 22nd, numerologically thought to be a master number. Building, hard work and laying the groundwork for change that will have a profound effect to last beyond our life time, that is the 22/4 – the master builder. 2020, while vibrating closer to number 4, is also considered a double number due to the repeat of the number 2. On a macro level, throughout the entire earth, next year will be a cycle of building, more change and work to set the tone for the next several years to follow. For us on a micro level this solstice will reflect that same tone but throughout our personal lives and worlds. Pay attention to what arises during this cycle. This will be a snapshot of your new direction or what is holding you from getting on path with your new direction. Observe yourself closely. What emotions come up? Where do you feel a tenseness in your body? What does your soul need to grow and are you providing it with that? Journal and watch your actions, reactions and emotions. This will be of great value as you look to heal and balance.

December 26th – The new moon in Capricorn and (of course coupled with another massive event) the Annular Solar eclipse. You didn’t think we were going to end the year easy did you?? After this year? NO, of course not!  Capricorn is all about grounding and connecting with the earth. This might prove to be a challenge for those in colder climates. However, a walk outside and surrounding yourself with nature is imperative on this day. Even taking a few moments to listen to the birds or stand outside and feel the sun on your skin will be incredibly centering. Physically, Capricorn as strong effects on our skeletal system and joints. An Epsom salt bath would be a great way to ground and support your bones and joints. Take a few moments to pamper yourself! This day will be a culmination of all you have worked on throughout the year. It again will be a reminder for some of what still needs more focus and for others, it will feel peaceful and satisfying. It is important that no matter which end of the spiritual spectrum you fall on that you practice whatever you need to heal and/or be a light for others. Both energies are one of the same and cultivate self-love, which is the ultimate goal. Expect a lot of emotions to come up to be cleared. With a solar eclipse the “light” is temporarily covered. This leads the way for the shadow side or perceived lower vibrations within us to rise. Let them rise and let go. If you cry all day, so what! If your anxious, breathe and welcome it! If your angry, keep reminding yourself of things you are grateful for. Whatever you feel, honor what you’re here to learn and let it flow.

Below are suggested practices for this coming month. Try your best to stay diligent among the stress. 10 min a day will make a huge difference and it is important to start the new year as light as possible.

Keep checking back throughout this active month for updates on any energy events that occur during this next cycle.


Yoga Poses for the Throat or 5th Chakra- Camel pose, Fish Pose or Bridge

Yoga poses for the 1st chakra – Standing forward fold, easy pose, tree pose

Aromatherapy for this month – the 5th chakra – frankincense, rose or jasmine

1st chakra – sandalwood, cypress, cedar, or pine.  Also, the 1st and 5th chakra blend from Bellaroma Therapies

Guided Mediation for the 5th Chakra

Guided Meditation for 1st Chakra

Music for balancing the 1st chakra

Music for balancing the 5th chakra