Tonight’s meteor shower

How is everyone doing? We made it passed the full moon and the lunar eclipse but do not stop grounding just yet. The Aquarids meteor shower will be in full swing tonight and tomorrow. Expect 30-60 meteors per hour! This will continue to carry the energy of the moon/eclipse throughout the weekend. Ground, ground, ground and if you can, meditate outside tonight under the show. For details on tonight and tomorrow’s energy listen to The Spirit That Is You podcast or watch the latest episode on The Spirit That Is You YouTube!

As always, sending all of you lots of love and light – Jillian

August Spirit Bags SOLD OUT

August Spirit Bags are sold out.  For those who ordered a bag; I have them all packed up, however, I would like to keep them until the full moon to bless them, fill them with the energy of the moon and attune to each of you individually.  I will mail them out on Saturday.  If anyone wishes to have their’s sooner, please contact me directly @

I am so excited about these bags!! They are filled with many new items for you to stay clear and connected all month long! As always, thank you for allowing me to accompany you on your journey.  I am truly grateful.

Thank you – Sending love and light -Jillian

Guidance on your journey

“When the student is ready, a teacher appears.” – Chinese Proverb

Let me teach you how to be your own teacher. Click here to subscribe to The Spirit That Is You YouTube channel for weekly tips, monthly classes and an
in-depth view of the most important topics to help you become the spirit that is you.

Earth Energy Illumination for July 22nd-July 29th

This is the most important week this year. Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, Meteor Shower, Extremely high Spiritual days headed our way! Do I need to say any more? Please be prepared.

For tips on how to stay balanced click here to listen to the Earth Energy Illumination Report for July 22nd – July 29th.

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Order August Spirit Bag – click on 3rd payment option

Extra suggestions for balance:

Guided Root Chakra Meditation

Bellaroma Therapies

Salt Of The Earth – Root Chakra Bath Salts


August’s Monthly Spirit Class

The monthly spirit class will again be held ONLINE only FREE of charge Thursday, August 2nd @ 6:30pm.  This class is open to everyone. Send me an email at to receive the class link.

Spirit Bags are available for purchase.   To order your spirit bag CLICK HERE and scroll to the third payment option.  I am very excited about this months bag. I added in many new items for all of you to enjoy!  Included inside is everything you need to stay balanced and keep your home and space clear for the month of August.  Supplies are limited.

  This is going to be another active month and I have included some extras in this month’s bag to help all of you easily navigate the coming weeks.

*In-house and online spirit classes will hopefully resume as of September.  I will keep all of you posted.

Sending love and light, Jillian

Earth Energy Illumination for July 14th – July 21st

Preparation for the Full moon and lunar eclipse are underway. Use the energy early in the week to balance before the fire of Scorpio begins. Tip for the week: Practice your inner strength, release your judgments, focus on forgiveness and be compassionate. Click here to listen to this weeks edition of the Earth Illumination News for details on how to stay clear and balanced.

Earth Energy Illumination Report