Earth Energy Illumination News for December 29th – January 9th

We move down the chakras this week. The 4th to the 1st will be the focus. HUGE emphasis on Grounding as the new moon arrives and the Taurus/Uranus alignment returns to the forefront. Super exciting month ahead of us! Don’t miss out, listen to the latest edition of the Earth Energy Illumination News.

Root Chakra Grounding Meditation

Reflections in East Aurora NY

Bellaroma Therapies

Salt of the Earth 22

Geomagnetic storm in progress!

A Geomagnetic storm is in progress. These storms are high level jolts of energy that can cause a variety of symptoms from anxiety, heart palpitations, sleeplessness, headache, etc. Grounding is very important. Also, please be patient with yourself if you experience any effects. It’s a privilege to be so connected with the earth that you feel its energy.

Hang in there. You are doing a great job. Sending love and light- Jillian

Earth Energy Illumination News for December 21st – 28th – Hang on for the Holiday!!!!

Full moon, solstice, meteor shower and two high charged spiritual days. Top that with a major holiday and upcoming New Year and we all need to stay on on top of our balance for this coming week. Tune in for details.

Mediation Music for this week

Throat Chakra Mediation

Reflections in East Aurora NY

Bellaroma Therapies

Salt of the Earth 22

Earth Energy Illumination News 13th – 20th

Geminids meteor shower is in full swing. This week has the potential to cause your lower emotions to surface. The countdown to the Winter Solstice begins as this weeks moves up our charka field.

Root Chakra Guided Meditation

Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation

Solar Plexus Chakra Guided Meditation

Heart Chakra/Shadow Side Guided Meditation

Reflection in East Aurora NY

Bellaroma Therapies

Salt of the Earth 22

December Spirit Class Pt1 – Earth Energy Illumination News for Dec. 6th – 13th

Join us as we discuss the energy of the coming week.  There is a major focus on grounding this week.  Make sure you are working on keeping that 1st chakra balanced and clear.  Welcome in the New Moon and listen for some tips on how to ride the wave and continue to grow The Spirit That Is You.

Extra helpful links –

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Bellaroma Therapies

Reflections in East Aurora, NY

Salt of the Earth 22

Words to live by…..

Since when did fortune cookies become so intuitive!

Always remember, what you think creates your world. If you let the media, politicians, Hollywood, etc. become the masters of your mind they will also become the masters of your life. Will that serve to enhance your soul? You are a piece of God/the universe. A piece of divine creation. Become the ruler of your own world inside and watch the outer world change to match that reflection.

Sending love and light.