Earth Energy Illumination News for August 29th – September 4th

Ring of Fire, massive solar storms and a numerology 11/11 =22 week! Learn to manage the impatient energy at the beginning of this week then the fast paced energy at the end of the week with the powerful spiritual energy in between. Click below and listen for details

Earth Energy Illumination News for August 29th – September 4th

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Warning: Very strong geomagnetic storm, high spiritual day and full moon!!

A very strong geomagnetic storm is currently in progress. Additionally, with the full moon energy and it being a high spiritual number day, expect to feel intense effects throughout the day. Heart palpations, anxiety, moodiness, depression, nervousness, heightened intuition are all symptoms of this energy. Meditate focusing on grounding and the 2nd chakra to try and maintain a calmer more balanced state. Just breathe everyone…today is going to feel extreme but use this high powered charge to your advantage. Sending love and light – Jillian

Full moon reminder

Quick reminder everyone! Full moon is tomorrow. It is also a high spiritual #9 day. Please use this day to move any blockages in your energy field. Especially your 2nd chakra. Click here for a suggested meditation to clear and move the energy through.

Additionally, take a moment to watch Spirit Talk #1 (click here) , which specifically covers the clearing that is occuring right now. Remember, the full moon is a great time for releasing and letting go. Don’t waste it!

Sending love and light- Jillian

Massive – 69 earth quakes hit the Pacific Rim!

As discussed in the Earth Illumination Report for August 21st – 28th, a very “funky” energy has been hanging around. I advised all of you to sage your space eventhough was too early for the full moon because the earth was releasing a lot of energy. In the past 5 days 69 earthquakes were reported along the Pacific Rim. An unprecedented amount.

Many of you felt these releases gearing up. Anxiety, depression, heart palpitations and an overall feeling of dis-ease was reported by many. To those of you out there struggling, I hope this sets your mind at ease and you can begin to view yourself as the increasingly advanced spiritual beings you truly are. Welcome to being a part of “the whole”. We are doing great work.

As always, I am honored to be with you on this journey.

Click to read article in recent mega earthquake event.

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Spirit Talk #1 Spiritual view of #MeToo – Forgiveness, feminine energy & how to cope.

With the beauty of the feminine energy awakening, be mindful to cultivate the positive energy from within and not get lost in victim mode. Those struggling emotionally, this is a clear sign that your focus is not balanced. Watch for tips on how to clear, let go and be the spirit that is you.

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Link to meditative Chant Mentioned in Spirit Talk #1

Get ready for peak Perseid meteor watching this weekend

Get ready for peak Perseid meteor watching this weekend!!! This shower is capable of 80 meteors per hour. By far one of the best light shows of the year.

Take a moment to ground and connect. The energy vibration will be highly amplified so do not internalize any anxiety or feelings of panic. Simply focus on your 7th and 1st chakras to achieve balance.

Article on the meteor shower!

Earth Energy Illumination News for August 6th – August 13th

Lions Gate, never before heard frequencies being recorded by NASA in our atmosphere, the solar eclipse and the new moon in Leo. This weeks energy is roaring like a lion. For details listen to the latest edition of

The Earth Illumination News for August 6th – August 13th.

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Sending all of you lots of love and light- Jillian

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Meteor size of a house strikes near the US, yet goes unreported??

In Thursday’s Monthly Spirit class we spoke at length about the energy that came in at the end of July which rocked many of us. It was just brought to my attention that during the cluster of events which occurred at month’s end (full moon, lunar eclipse, meteor shower, high spirit day, etc.) the earth was also struck by a huge meteor, the size of a home!

There is no doubt that this event, coupled with all of the other astrological occurances was not a random situation. The energy is really kicking up and many of you were intuitive and spiritually connected enough to “feel” the chaos. Great job!

Please, if you are struggling emotionally right now, try to step back and realize you are doing great work and part of something so much larger than you could imagine. Go easy on yourself, we are here to make a change and that is what we are in the process of doing.

I am here if you need me. Sending love and light. -Jillian

Article -Asteroid Strike July 25th, 2018

August’s Spirit Class discussing current energy state for the month