Fear is love trying to find its way home

“Fear is love trying to find its way home through you.” – Jillian Greyse

On the other side of fear is enlightenment.  This whisper of wisdom has been floating through knowledge since the beginning of time.  It’s mentioned in many ancient teachings and pathways to enlightenment.  All who have entered these peaceful stages on earth have discussed periods of extreme emotions they had to move past in order to see the light and grow.  This is seemingly cryptic to comprehend.  For how can fear be conquered; and why is it such a profound block for us on our quest to peace and love?  The answer is much easier, as you can imagine. Take a moment to breathe and let the words you read speak to your soul.  I am going to take you on a journey to challenge your perception.  On the other side of this facade we have created is you.

Fear and love are the same emotion.  Think about it.  When you are excited, when you fall in love, when you experience a thrilling adventure, what sensations come up in your body?  Your heart pounds, your breathing quickens, your palms start to sweat, maybe you even feel light-headed.  Now compare, how is that different from fear, anxiety, or uneasiness?  The answer is quite simple, it is not any different, it is just the words in your head you label that are attached to it that change what vibration the emotion carries.

Now I am going to challenge you to take that a step further.  As humans we tend to only grow when we are uncomfortable.  Whether it is through experiences that us out of our reality or a sudden emotional state that changes without warning, we tend to only notice the “big stuff”.  Since we have become so disconnected from our true selves, these events become more meaningful.  When this occurs, many are left with feelings of anxiety that continue to rise.  As those emotions rise, our thoughts immediate relate them back to an uncomfortable situation we encountered, an illness the TV advertisement told us we have or an upcoming event.  We mentally label the feeling with a negative vibration or emotion.  We build a fortress around this emotion and continue to label it each and every time it comes up.  But all experience is designed for growth as a soul.  The more you grow, the more love you let in, the more compassionate you become – your heart opens.  You become more understanding, more loving, softer.  So, is it anxiety you are feeling or additional love trying to move its way through your soul that you are blocking by your own personal perception?

Our culture thrives on fear.  The news, the advertisements, what we are taught as children, etc., is highly based on how to avoid situations and worst-case scenarios.  It is natural that we begin to relate our internal emotions with this negative response.  When we do this, we block the love that is trying to expand and grow within us.  We stop the life-force energy of our soul’s growth process and actually label it as something to avoid, run from or ignore.  We take prescription drugs, alcohol, recreational drugs or over-eat – all to stop this movement of what is actually the energy of love from entering our soul.  This expands from us as adults to even our children who are labeled with attention and anxiety disorders.  Think about it, a child who has constant energy and difficult to “control”, what are they feeling?  The same feelings an adult would label as excitement or anxiety.  This is a movement of LOVE.  We are essentially misunderstanding our emotions, mislabeling them and blocking them from moving through, so we can become the love we were here to be.  What if we learned how to harness this emotion rather than reject it?

It is no wonder that often anxiety and depression go hand and hand.  Once you do not accept the love attempting to come into your spirit, your soul growth becomes halted and your life reflects this stagnancy.  It is all a cycle we have grown to accept and believe is the norm.  We have to wake up.  It is why we are walking this earth right now. Our soul growth depends on it.

What if we decide to change our misconception of this feeling and redirect our thoughts to love?  What if, as your heart pounds and you start to feel your stomach tighten, we direct our thoughts to that emotion being a raise of energy, a higher vibration moving through us, a feeling of love that is attempting to heighten our consciousness?  What if our spirit has been trying to wake us up for decades, but our culture was promoting us to stay in a place of lack and fear?  I challenge each one of you to push back that old perception when these feelings arise.  Sit with the feeling.  Welcome the feeling.  The more intense it becomes, the more you can have confirmation that the love you are bringing through your soul is opening up the doors you have been seeking for so many years.  Use the techniques that have been on earth forever to help you honor this energy.  Try deep breathing, meditation, walking through nature, yoga, praying – move the energy through you by welcoming it to be a part of you.  Rather than rejecting it, feel it begin to fade and move within you peacefully.  When you reject this feeling, it continues to keep returning back and trying over and over to integrate in your energy (hence, people who suffer from chronic anxiety and in turn panic, depression, etc.).  It is just love, no reason to be afraid, your soul is ready to grow – let it!  I challenge you to face fear and see through to the truth.  It is just love trying to find its way home through you.  The answer for peace and happiness has been there all along waiting to be found in the spirit that is you.  It’s your job to open the door when it knocks.



Have you felt the call?

There comes a point in the life of a soul where we begin asking the bigger questions. The simplicity of life, the day to day activities become mundane and unable to fulfill us. We begin to feel lost, often separated and depressed, anxious, different from others and as though we do not fit in or belong. In our culture those emotions are frowned upon and many of us find ourselves feeling isolated and ashamed. We begin to think there is something wrong with us. Why can’t I just be happy? Why does it seem like everyone else is fine? The more these emotions grow we become hopeless and sometimes try to mask our emotions with harmful substances and addictions. From alcohol to drugs to prescriptions from the doctor designed to numb our emotions and personality “flaws”.

However, these are not flaws at all. Anyone who studies ancient texts, memorandums of great healers, visionaries, people who made enormous changes on our planet, each of them record that what brought them to discovering their greatness was the feeling of wanting more. Asking the bigger questions. Looking around and not being content or happy with what was considered the norm. From Gandhi to Buddha to Martin Luther King to Einstein. ALL felt that separateness that pulled them away from their human self and called them to become greater. Be greater, make something greater and create a ripple effect so large in this world that the change would be everlasting.

This beckons the question – why are we numbing ourselves from an awakening? How did we get so lost as humans that we began viewing our emotions as enemies and not allies or whispers from our soul to shake us out of this dream and awaken us to the very core that is calling us home? That call is the reason for the unrest we feel. It is the reason for the ADHD and the clinical depression and the anxiety issues and the emotional turmoil that has ravaged our children, our friends and so many of us. Therefore, let me ask you this? What kind of experience do you think God, your spirit, your angels, the universe (whatever you want to call it) called brought us life to have? A life sitting on the couch, eating junk food watching desperate housewives or HGTV or the latest grotesque crime series? Playing video games, addicting our children to competition and lack and emotions of constantly being on the go and never learning to just BE, listen to their soul and then become? Why do you think we are at such a crisis and turning point? We got lost but the great news is we are finally waking up and so many are seeking to find the truth. The truth that our soul has been waiting for us to find.

All of life is an experience to learn and cultivate our greatness. To see what our beautiful spirits are capable of. To contemplate the challenge of being blinded in a world that is fake but we are convinced is real with no concrete understanding of where we came from or what keeps us breathing and “alive” each day.

So how does the spirit wake up this human that is hypnotized by the mundane and lost? First, emotions of unrest arise, because none of us should rest until we find our own truth. Our own personal meaning and calling and understandings of why we are here. Then, if these emotions are ignored or numbed, disease or illness starts to appear. Physical discomfort gets peoples attention. It shakes up their every day world and breaks the patterns that we become so accustom to. So many find the truth in their soul through disease or tragedy or trauma. But not all of us have to take it this far. What if we just listened to the original emotion? What if we actually honored the soul signals from within, quieted our mind and stood up to the challenge of finding who we are. Becoming what we are supposed to be and most of all standing up and breaking the routine. It is never comfortable to feel like you’re not in the “norm” but if you are in the norm, then all that means is you have learned to numb yourself to the point that you can navigate on autopilot better than others. Eventually, this will shift, even if it takes the final moments of life to get you there, you will ask yourself at some point why am I here? What am I supposed to do? What does this all mean? Where do I go after I leave?

I guarantee if your asking yourself those questions, emotions of unrest will likely start to arise to HELP show you the way. To help you to shed what you need to let go of and help you be the spirit that is you.

This is called an awakening, enlightenment, the beginning stages of reaching Nirvana, the rise of the kundalini or the Christ-like consciousness. Every belief system has their own name, however, it is all the same thing. We are all souls journeying home and each one of us will go through this phase in our existence. It is unavoidable and it is beautiful. Many of you are already experiencing these emotions and are lost. As you know, I too have recently moved through the journey of a lifetime and there are no words for how forever changed my beautiful soul is. I am honored, grateful and humbled all at once.

No matter where you are in your process of spiritual growth, know you are never alone. We are all in this together and we’ve got this. One step at a time.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Love to you all – Jillian

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High energy day! Use it wisely.

Today the full moon energy will be electric. It is also the 18th a high spiritual 9 day further amplifying this flow. As its intensity builds, so will the magnetic frequencies within the earth’s field. Due to this you may feel less calm, anxious, unsettled, rapid heart beat, racing thoughts etc. These are all normal and perfectly in line with what a full moon promotes, RELEASE. The full moon is a time to let go. Anything your holding on to that is holding you back will surface in some way. Either by thought or by emotion or by a physical response, it will be there waiting for you to surrender and release. Therefore, write down what you need to and release, meditate, go for a walk in nature, connect and allow it to be what it is. Above all, let it go. Whatever it is that is surfacing, even if you can’t consciously name it, breathe and let the emotions out.

Always remember, you are a filter. A filter of light, a mirror, a creator. Don’t miss opportunities to harness that greatness so the universe can become the greatness inside of each of our hearts. Be the change you want to see on the world and release all else that doesn’t match that description.

Sage, palo Santo or Frankincense your space today to keep the energy flowing and clear.

Love to you all- Jillian

Suggested guided mediation for the day;

Global healing mediation

More important info

For those of you who felt the shake up yesterday, below is a link to a great article to help you further understand what you were feeling and why.  The effects will be lingering for another day or so, therefore, be kind and loving to yourself.  We’ve got this!

Love to you all! – Jillian

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What to expect with solar storms


****UPDATE****  soon after posting this article a 7.5 earthquake hit in the New Great Britain Region!! This will add tremendously to the energy!

After yesterday’s energy this should be no surprise. A very strong geomagnetic storm fired up early this morning.  Seriously, who slept last night? This is the strongest storm we have experienced since August of last year.  The energy quickly increased between 1am and 6am EST today.  Geomagnetic storms disrupt the energetic  structure of the earth and cause a variety of different symptoms.  From dizziness, nausea, feeling disconnected from our bodies, extreme exhaustion, anxiety, etc.  A storm of this level will even effect earths satellites and disrupt cellphones and electromagnetic waves.  Expect an interesting day to say the least.  It is all part of the intense upgrade that many of us have been experiencing.

During the next several months we will be experiencing massive ascension energies.  All of us are being called to ascend and bring changes that this planet has not seen in many lifetimes.  Please understand that this is a very positive thing, even if it feels painful at times.  The energy upgrades many of us have been discussing for years are knocking at the door.  It WILL be occurring in waves. From unexplained physical ailments to extreme mental challenges, it will be a process that each one of us must experience on our individual journey’s.  Some of you haven’t begun this process yet, many of you are in the middle of managing it and some are complete.  I can assure you, if you found yourself to this blog and are reading this, you are part of this change.  Do not get discouraged.  We are all here together and will help each other through.

Many new and exciting changes will be taking place over the next few months.  Those of you whom have worked with me for years -as soon as my spiritual sabbatical is complete – I cannot wait to discuss all of the new and awesome things that will be taking place.  My guidance has been giving me glimpses of what is to come and it so exciting!!

Love to you all- Jillian

Tips on managing the current energy

Quick side note to all of you – ninety percent of this awakening process is going to be a challenge to your mental state.  A challenge to be true to yourself.  A testament to see if you are living the life that you are projecting you want the world to be.  It will be a push to learn how to control your mind, your center of creation.  Through your thoughts all things are manifested.  Begin to pay attention to them and see which ones are not serving you.  Step one is becoming aware of what energy you are emanating out to the world so you can make adjustments on your own person creation.

Personally for me, this has been one of the biggest tasks.  Monitoring the thoughts that are constantly running unchecked behind the scenes of my mind creating the environment I function in and the energy that runs through my body.

Some helpful tips:

During times of stress – Mala beads, prayer beads or rosary beads.  Create a mantra and repeat it as you run the beads through your fingers.  This diverts the subconscious mind from running away with a negative or toxic thought.  As soon as you feel a negative change in your emotions, grab your beads and start your mantra.  Simple things work great.  For example – I am beautiful, I am light, I am Gods perfection, I am love, etc.  Do not make the mantra too challenging, go with what flows into your mind.

Observing your thoughts with a journal.  As soon as you start to feel angry, anxious or frustrated grab a pen and paper and write the thoughts that your mind is repeating back to you.  Then make a conscious effort to notice when those thoughts return and correct them.  Call them out and begin to train them to another more positive destination.  Think of your subconscious like a dog.  It needs training.  So take control and train it.

BE patient.  Any changes to the mind take repetition.  Like 3 months worth of repetitive patterns.  Remember, it took how many years to train yourself to get to where you are?  So keep at it, just like another learned behavior, repetition is key.  Think about it, when you train for a marathon you do not run one day and say your ready.  Keep running and building strength.  You can do it!

And lastly, remember, the beauty of this journey is freedom.  Once you can free the mind, you will be free.  Your conscience can then move forward and help you create a vision of the future instead of living in the emotions, triggers and patterns of the past.  It is truly magical.

Love and light – Jillian