High energy day! Use it wisely.

Today the full moon energy will be electric. It is also the 18th a high spiritual 9 day further amplifying this flow. As its intensity builds, so will the magnetic frequencies within the earth’s field. Due to this you may feel less calm, anxious, unsettled, rapid heart beat, racing thoughts etc. These are all normal and perfectly in line with what a full moon promotes, RELEASE. The full moon is a time to let go. Anything your holding on to that is holding you back will surface in some way. Either by thought or by emotion or by a physical response, it will be there waiting for you to surrender and release. Therefore, write down what you need to and release, meditate, go for a walk in nature, connect and allow it to be what it is. Above all, let it go. Whatever it is that is surfacing, even if you can’t consciously name it, breathe and let the emotions out.

Always remember, you are a filter. A filter of light, a mirror, a creator. Don’t miss opportunities to harness that greatness so the universe can become the greatness inside of each of our hearts. Be the change you want to see on the world and release all else that doesn’t match that description.

Sage, palo Santo or Frankincense your space today to keep the energy flowing and clear.

Love to you all- Jillian

Suggested guided mediation for the day;

Global healing mediation

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