The midst of a perfect storm- Spike in Schumann Resonance, volcanic eruptions firing up, numerology 9 day, vertical rainbows & mercury in retrograde…enough said??

Quick update!!

As the month of March approaches, February is closing its energy with strong vibrational waves. Not only is it a numerology 9 day which is a high frequency for the collective care of humanity and helping others, this intense flush of energy spawn several volcanic eruptions to fire up last night as a precursor to a massive spike in the Schumann Resonance (the earths OM) or vibration of creation. This increase began about 7 hours ago. The electromagnetic energy of our hearts and minds beat at the same frequency of this “mysterious” frequency (Schumann Resonance) which has been a mystery for many years.  However, science is now connecting the dots and confirming what those who listen to our hearts already knew.  We are all a vibration in connection to all that is around us.  When these frequencies rise it causes an uprising in our energy field often mistaken as anxiety, depression, anger, obsessive thoughts, heart palpations, impatience, etc.  Basically, it causes an upsurge in all of the lower vibrating emotions that are preventing growth.  Growth not only for us individually, for the energy of the earth collectively.  Therefore, it’s important to take note of what comes up, but not allow yourself to follow the flow.

These days my journal has become my best friend.  Observing my emotions has been key to breaking patterns that are arising.  As soon as you become aware of a pattern, it is yours to decide If you want to follow that pattern and continue to live in the same world of emotions you have been previously.  Or you can opt to change.  Awareness is the first step to change. I urge you to try and observe yourself as these waves roll through.  This energy is not going to become less intense as time moves forward.  Becoming mindful is key.

Couple tips –

Review the meditations at the bottom of Feburary’s monthly report at the beginning of the month. (CLICK HERE)

Focus on grounding your energy into the earth.  Grounding helps because if you are experiencing emotional distress from the higher earth vibration, it means YOUR vibration is lower and you can benefit from increasing it. 

Burn Nag Champa in your home today

And try to remember – The universe is going to put you in situations to bring up certain emotions and blockages.  I encountered this first hand yesterday with a woman at a place I frequent.  Her fear of being out of control in her life projected onto me and brought out my same fears.  I realized I was being placed in this situation for a reason and instead of choosing to match the anger and aggression she was sending my way; I acknowledged this emotion inside of me and decided to project love back to her.  Knowing that she too was struggling in her own way and matching her energy would take away the ability for me to shine a light to help her move forward.  All we can every wish to be is a reflection of what we want to world to become.  Start there. 

I am putting together Marchs energy report now!  It is going to be a wild month.  And super exciting!!! Coming in April, AstroloYoga™ begins!! Excited to share with all of you techniques on how to enhance your personal balance as we grow and connect together. This method is for all ages to assist the whole family!

I leave you with a photo of constant occurrence happening in the sky as of the past 3 months.  In the clouds a vertical rainbow shines down above my family as we are outside.  We have experienced this almost weekly the past several months.  A sign of the light coming in for all of us.  We are doing great work!  Please share in the comments your photos of any signs you have been receiving.  We share in this light together!!!

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Sending love and light – Jillian

Vertical Rainbows everywhere!!
Current Schumann Resonance Chart! AMAZING!!

Feeling off?

The Schumann Resonance began recording a high electromagnetic frequency as of early this morning. These frequencies are known to cause emotional discrepancies. Therefore, those of you out there feeling a little off, be proud, you’re intune with the earth! Great job!

For tips on how to move this energy through so you can feel more centered, click here and scroll to the bottom of this months blog post.

Sending love and light- Jillian

Click here for more information on the Schumann Resonance

Mysterious Radio waves detected in the universe & Mercury goes crazy! This week is sure to be full of surprises!

Mysterious Radio Frequency bursts are sending waves throughout our universe. Click here to see news article. These fast radio bursts are repeating themselves every 16 days sending waves of energy to the earth. The blasts of light are brighter than the sun and travel across our entire atmosphere. They are leaving scientists baffled and are yet another testament to the high intense energy that many of us have been feeling on a very cyclical basis.

Why does our universe matter so much to our individual energy field and bodies? Because we ARE the universe. It is a proven fact that our bodies where are made from star dust. (click here for article) Each atom, element and the foundation for human life shares the same elements and structure as the stars we look up at each night. The same energy that lights up a star is inside of each one of the atoms in our bodies. This is why many ancient belief systems believed that ancestors lived among the stars and God and Goddesses also resided there. So much wisdom passed down from previous civilizations was centered on creating a balance on our planet in accordance to the universal energy – sun, moon and stars.

We are all connected and that is why each month this blog discusses the energy of how the light from above influences the light inside of us. The origin of our energy deep in the sky, reflects and influences the energy deep in our souls. From the furthest star in our universe to the core of the beautiful earth we walk upon, it is all connected.

I believe in creating a world where we honor what we are instead of allowing fear to control and consume our hearts. My mission is to provide all of you with this understanding so together we can awaken and begin to comprehend the magnitude of our power to change the world around us. The more your awareness grows about how the planets, stars, earth events and collective energy effects our energetic frequencies, the more empowered you will feel to honor and love your feelings and emotions because they are a sign of something deeper. They are a reflection of your soul. Learning to work with them is key and will change your life. Therefore, if you find yourself reading these words, congratulations, you are not here by mistake. You are awakening and I am so honored to be with you on this journey.

On to this week – Mercury enters retrograde on February 17th Until March 10th – ****What to expect****

Mercury rules the North. Therefore, when doing any spiritual practice for the next few weeks, start facing toward the North. Yoga, meditation, etc. By doing this you honor the energy as it is flowing in. Additionally, the north is about coming into all you’ve learned. Settling into your truth. It is about wisdom and standing in your belief. But remember, this is a RETROGRADE, which translates to your wisdom and inner knowing being reversed. You may find yourself in some unique challenges this month that will require you to stay true to yourself in order to stay balanced and/or being tempted to do the opposite of what your heart is telling you. Be aware of this and instead choose your true north. By setting your intentional energy to the Northern direction, you will be in alignment with the correct energy flow thought out this Mercury period. So, grab a compass and flow your light the right way. As with all mercury retrograde alignments, communication is highly effected. As the ruler of the 5th chakra, this center governs our ability to verbally articulate clearly and how our technology communicates. From now until March 10th practice patience with others and do not depend on cell phones/GPS/computers functioning properly. This retrograde period is occurring under the sign of Pisces and Aquarius. If you enter into this retrograde out of balance, expect to be emotional and introverted. Mixing all of this together and we get, our inner knowing being tested by our emotions running rampant and being unable to properly communicate how we feel or what we feel. Sigh, isn’t it much easier to just dedicate 20 min a day to balancing your energy over the next few weeks? I think so. Here are some daily tips for balance;

Palo Santo your home 3x per week at least

Yoga poses for your 5th chakra – Anything that opens your throat or constricts it. Such as Camel pose, Shoulder stand, Plow, even a simple mountain pose with back bent and forehead to the sky. All of those will help with your balance.

NORTH NORTH NORTH – Face your energy practices to the north. Yoga mats to the north, meditations to the north, grounding your feet into the ground facing north. North, north, north, ya got it 😉

Breathing Technique for balance – Ujjayi Breathing – Click here for a video on this breathing technique

Sing! Put the music up and sing your heart out, Get that chakra movin!

If your emotions flare, it’s a sign your out of alignment. Mediate on your 5th chakra. Click here for suggested guided meditation.

ABOVE ALL – know you are not your emotions and you do no have to follow them or believe their story. What you are feeling is energy from the depth of your soul. Vibrations and frequencies that you are awakening to. Celebrate them, honor them and let them move through. You are divine. Let yourself feel that.

Please email me if you have any questions. Be patient, I try to answer emails in the order they are received.

I have a dream that each one of us feels in our hearts we are not alone. That we stand as one, connect and honor the souls we are. I believe the more knowledge we have and the more we connect with each other, inside our spirit ignites and we will grow until we are unstoppable. From the inside out. From the stars to the earth. From the light to the dark. Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable.

I invite you to be a part of the new spirit interview series – coming soon – showcasing many souls from all walks of life to share their stories of spiritual growth. From ages 7 to 80, so many beautiful stories of enlightenment and power.

Also – coming in April monthly classes and videos to provide all of you with clear directions on how to stay balanced each month in alignment with the universal energy. The Spirit That is You -Astroloyoga™ will provide monthly instructions from yoga techniques, to breathing to meditations, gemstones,sound frequencies, aromatherapies, etc. I have teamed up with the very talented musical artist Cyanight to create beautiful sounds and music perfect for energy balance in each center of the body.

So many amazing things coming soon!! Click follow on the left side of this blog page to stay updated!

Also, if you would like to be interviewed for the Spirit That Is You Awakening series, please send me a email! I would love to connect and share your story!

As always, I am incredibly humbled to be on this journey with all of you. Thank you for being here with me.

Is anyone not feeling this ???? **UPDATE


thunder storm

Today – Several strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions reported from New Zealand to Indonesia.  In addition to this, intense weather patterns, tornadoes and snow storms sweeping across our nation. This has been an ongoing pattern since last week.  Combined with the spikes in the Schumann Resonance (happening simultaneously is no coincidence) will cause some more intense feelings to rise.  Please, do not label these emotions negatively.  You many find anger rising, heart palpitations, nausea, anxiety, fear…please remind yourself it is not YOU, it is the energy.  It is the earth asking for help clearing and moving this vibration through.   Therefore, honor these emotions as such.  Sage your home, meditate, ground your energy and send light into the earth.  A great way to center yourself is to ground then face each direction (NSEW) grounding at each point.   The power of the North, South, East and West is very strong.  Each direction holds a different set of energies, emotions and vibrations.  Ask for guidance and if you are drawn to, please take part in assisting this energy to move through.

Again, we are ushering in the energy of the full super moon on the 9th.  These vibrational waves will continue to intensify as the year moves forward.  Stay strong and honor the soul you are. Do not let ego get in the way.  We are in the process of an intense cleanse, inside and out, from the core of the earth to the outer layers of our atmosphere.  Please, do all you can by working on your internal energy as it comes up.  We are ONE with the energy of the earth.  Every time you heal you, you heal all of us. As always, I am honored to share my time on earth with each one of you. Sending love and light – Jillian

***Don’t forget, children and animals feel this too.  Be patient and loving for they struggle with how to communicate their emotions.  Lead with compassion and love.

If your feeling “off” today GREAT JOB! The Schumann Resonance had a bright white spike. HUGE AMOUNTS OF ENERGY POURING IN! Bask in the light!

For those of us who woke this morning and felt the intense energy, great job! Anyone who felt depressed, anxious, unsettled, shaky, nauseated, etc., consider yourself well on your path of spiritual growth because you felt the Schumann Resonance shift which occurred throughout the past 24 hours! We went from experiencing the normal, everyday frequency to a sudden spike that caused the chart to turn white. Those of you unfamiliar with the Schumann Resonance, here is some info on why it is so important and what it means for us;

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. (Wikipedia)

For decades the earths constant ELF field remained the same with a few spikes here and there but in 2017 there was a marked change where the stagnant frequency suddenly elevated much higher and has remained there as a new constant. This baffled scientists, since they didn’t even think a permanent change was possible. More spikes also continued to occur and became more intense. Notice the synchronicity with this jump (2017) and the alignment of Uranus and Taurus coming in and the elevated conscience that we are seeing on earth. The Earth’s documented vibrational frequency went up and, therefore, so is ours. This is why we are all being pushed to make the adjustments we are making. Personally, globally, universally, etc. it is all connected to the shift.

Additionally, if you are out of sync with the resonance, it is known to cause anxiety, feels of being unsettled, nervousness, etc. All of those reactions are NORMAL and subtle indicators that you have some work to do that will help you raise your vibrational frequency so you will be balanced and not experience these shifts to an extreme. That is why this blog exists. To provide all of you with the knowledge you need to not take these emotional frequency changes personally. Understand that the universe, the earth and the energy are all working hand and hand with our souls to keep us on track. If over the past 24 hours you felt a shift, that means your out of balance with the spike (and many of us are). For ways to rebalance, see February’s monthly energy post for links to meditations and music as well as yoga poses, etc. Additionally, I have posted a suggested guided meditation that if you can take part in, please do. It will not only recalibrate the energy for you, it will feed the earths energy field and help all of us.

Hang in there and enjoy the ride. Remember do not internalize these feelings and begin to “own” them. Which means, don’t feed the anxiety or emotion with thoughts about your life and what is causing you to feel that way. If you do, they will stay stuck and you will end up very uncomfortable as this new moon energy begins to rise. Simply accept it as part of the earths process, be honored you felt it and do your work to rebalance! You’re well on your way to spiritual enlightenment!

Take a peek at the chart on this page. That is the real time Schumann Resonance chart! See the white?? Super cool! Click follow at the bottom of this blog page to keep updated on all the energetic events throughout the month and coming soon more tips and ways to stay clear and help this energy move through your field with ease. Great job everyone! Breathe and have a beautiful, light filled day! – Jillian Greyse

p.s – don’t be surprised if we see increases in weather patterns and earth events. Remember it all goes hand in hand 🙂

Suggested meditation for today

Link to Feburary’s energy report

2/02/2020 – share the light for Feburary’s supermoon

Today, as we are surrounded by the power of double numbers -the vibration of 2 meaning working together, honoring our creative, being a light for the world – let’s take a moment to focus on all that we are grateful for. On this palindrome date 2/02/2020 find a moment to connect. Whether that is a nature walk, meditation, prayer, yoga…whatever speaks to you, take the time to capture this energy. Filter it down through you as the super moon sets up. This will be a week of light. Will you take advantage of it? What will you choose to cultivate balance in your world?

Always remember, your personal innnerwork is more powerful than just you. It helps and assists all of us to find our soul. Thank you for all the light you share and thank you for being here with me.

Sending love and light- Jillian Greyse

For more info on this months energy click here and go to Feburary 2020 monthly energy report