Amazing things going on with the Sun!!

As the awaking for many of us continues, the earth is responding with beautiful signs.  The suns rays are eliminating waves of energy to all of us.  Below is a news article about the new “mysterious” waves emanating from the sun. Keep a close eye on your adrenal system.  This area is being heavily effected by the new energy coming in.  It is important to support this area by controlling stress, eating well, getting adequate rest and reducing or eliminating caffeine.  This will help significantly to buffer the symptoms.  Sending lots of love and light and keeping you all posted on this journey.  – Jillian

Click here to read about Sun’s Rings of Light!!


HELLO EVERYONE! Thank you all so much for the light, gifts, healing and energy you have sent. So many profound and incredible changes have occurred. I am excited to share with you. Please watch for details and don’t forget to subscribe to The Spirit That Is You – YouTube channel.  Most of all, I am so excited to be on this journey together with all of you. Love you all so much!!