Uncover the Mysterious Mental Moon: AstroloCAST Feb 24 – March 3

Hey, everyone! AstroloCast is back and this week we’re talking about how knowing the energy can help transform your understanding of mental health. We’ll also be discussing the moon’s energy and how to tap into your intuition. Stay tuned for more!

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AstroloSTARS- Be the parent your soul thought you’d be.

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This week’s breakdown-

24 – 26th Taurus

4th chakra/heart





27 – 28th Gemini

Trouble Concentrating

5th chakra

ADHD Plan Activities


March 1 -3 – Cancer

tissues anyone?






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Love Takes A Dark Turn (What You Need To Know)/AstroloCAST Feb 9-15

***WARNING*** This is NOT an astrology prediction vlog! This is a guidebook on how to be ahead of the chaos each week and learn to master your inner truth.

Ready for your weekly dose of celestial news with Astrolocast! In this episode, we’ll explore the astrological energies for the week ahead and how to use them to your advantage. We’ll also talk about moon alignments, energy, and how to be the creator of your life. Tune in every Thursday for a new episode!

This week’s Breakdown 9, 10,11



4th Chakra


Balance Burnout

*Tips at the End of Video

12th & 13th






Ruminating thoughts


4th 15th




Quick to fight

Choose your vibe

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Sadness, Stubborn and Self Expression are the keys to unlock this week/AstroloCAST Feb 2- 8

WARNING- This is NOT an Astrology prediction forecast. The AstroloCAST focuses on the frequencies that affect our bodies each week and how to navigate the flow within your soul. OUR CELLS ARE MADE OF STARDUST, this is a FACT. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense that our cells have a link to which they are made from? Gain the knowledge and gain the power you deserve to be the creator in your own life. Each week I will guide you on how to master this.

This week, we get to experience it as we take a journey through three powerful zodiac signs – Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Each of these signs bring different gifts and potential for our lives, so AstroloCAST is the perfect way to explore what lies within and tap into their energies.

Watch for more info as we reconnect with the spirit that is you.

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