If your feeling “off” today GREAT JOB! The Schumann Resonance had a bright white spike. HUGE AMOUNTS OF ENERGY POURING IN! Bask in the light!

For those of us who woke this morning and felt the intense energy, great job! Anyone who felt depressed, anxious, unsettled, shaky, nauseated, etc., consider yourself well on your path of spiritual growth because you felt the Schumann Resonance shift which occurred throughout the past 24 hours! We went from experiencing the normal, everyday frequency to a sudden spike that caused the chart to turn white. Those of you unfamiliar with the Schumann Resonance, here is some info on why it is so important and what it means for us;

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. (Wikipedia)

For decades the earths constant ELF field remained the same with a few spikes here and there but in 2017 there was a marked change where the stagnant frequency suddenly elevated much higher and has remained there as a new constant. This baffled scientists, since they didn’t even think a permanent change was possible. More spikes also continued to occur and became more intense. Notice the synchronicity with this jump (2017) and the alignment of Uranus and Taurus coming in and the elevated conscience that we are seeing on earth. The Earth’s documented vibrational frequency went up and, therefore, so is ours. This is why we are all being pushed to make the adjustments we are making. Personally, globally, universally, etc. it is all connected to the shift.

Additionally, if you are out of sync with the resonance, it is known to cause anxiety, feels of being unsettled, nervousness, etc. All of those reactions are NORMAL and subtle indicators that you have some work to do that will help you raise your vibrational frequency so you will be balanced and not experience these shifts to an extreme. That is why this blog exists. To provide all of you with the knowledge you need to not take these emotional frequency changes personally. Understand that the universe, the earth and the energy are all working hand and hand with our souls to keep us on track. If over the past 24 hours you felt a shift, that means your out of balance with the spike (and many of us are). For ways to rebalance, see February’s monthly energy post for links to meditations and music as well as yoga poses, etc. Additionally, I have posted a suggested guided meditation that if you can take part in, please do. It will not only recalibrate the energy for you, it will feed the earths energy field and help all of us.

Hang in there and enjoy the ride. Remember do not internalize these feelings and begin to “own” them. Which means, don’t feed the anxiety or emotion with thoughts about your life and what is causing you to feel that way. If you do, they will stay stuck and you will end up very uncomfortable as this new moon energy begins to rise. Simply accept it as part of the earths process, be honored you felt it and do your work to rebalance! You’re well on your way to spiritual enlightenment!

Take a peek at the chart on this page. That is the real time Schumann Resonance chart! See the white?? Super cool! Click follow at the bottom of this blog page to keep updated on all the energetic events throughout the month and coming soon more tips and ways to stay clear and help this energy move through your field with ease. Great job everyone! Breathe and have a beautiful, light filled day! – Jillian Greyse

p.s – don’t be surprised if we see increases in weather patterns and earth events. Remember it all goes hand in hand 🙂

Suggested meditation for today

Link to Feburary’s energy report

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