Is anyone not feeling this ???? **UPDATE


thunder storm

Today – Several strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions reported from New Zealand to Indonesia.  In addition to this, intense weather patterns, tornadoes and snow storms sweeping across our nation. This has been an ongoing pattern since last week.  Combined with the spikes in the Schumann Resonance (happening simultaneously is no coincidence) will cause some more intense feelings to rise.  Please, do not label these emotions negatively.  You many find anger rising, heart palpitations, nausea, anxiety, fear…please remind yourself it is not YOU, it is the energy.  It is the earth asking for help clearing and moving this vibration through.   Therefore, honor these emotions as such.  Sage your home, meditate, ground your energy and send light into the earth.  A great way to center yourself is to ground then face each direction (NSEW) grounding at each point.   The power of the North, South, East and West is very strong.  Each direction holds a different set of energies, emotions and vibrations.  Ask for guidance and if you are drawn to, please take part in assisting this energy to move through.

Again, we are ushering in the energy of the full super moon on the 9th.  These vibrational waves will continue to intensify as the year moves forward.  Stay strong and honor the soul you are. Do not let ego get in the way.  We are in the process of an intense cleanse, inside and out, from the core of the earth to the outer layers of our atmosphere.  Please, do all you can by working on your internal energy as it comes up.  We are ONE with the energy of the earth.  Every time you heal you, you heal all of us. As always, I am honored to share my time on earth with each one of you. Sending love and light – Jillian

***Don’t forget, children and animals feel this too.  Be patient and loving for they struggle with how to communicate their emotions.  Lead with compassion and love.

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