2/02/2020 – share the light for Feburary’s supermoon

Today, as we are surrounded by the power of double numbers -the vibration of 2 meaning working together, honoring our creative, being a light for the world – let’s take a moment to focus on all that we are grateful for. On this palindrome date 2/02/2020 find a moment to connect. Whether that is a nature walk, meditation, prayer, yoga…whatever speaks to you, take the time to capture this energy. Filter it down through you as the super moon sets up. This will be a week of light. Will you take advantage of it? What will you choose to cultivate balance in your world?

Always remember, your personal innnerwork is more powerful than just you. It helps and assists all of us to find our soul. Thank you for all the light you share and thank you for being here with me.

Sending love and light- Jillian Greyse

For more info on this months energy click here and go to Feburary 2020 monthly energy report

One thought on “2/02/2020 – share the light for Feburary’s supermoon

  1. Thank you for your wonderful posts. You deliver a giant sunburst of love!! Just loved today’s post and the beautiful illustration illuminates, as well! Are you the artist of the pictures you post?

    Light and love to you this day and always!!! 💖☀️💖

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