****UPDATE****  soon after posting this article a 7.5 earthquake hit in the New Great Britain Region!! This will add tremendously to the energy!

After yesterday’s energy this should be no surprise. A very strong geomagnetic storm fired up early this morning.  Seriously, who slept last night? This is the strongest storm we have experienced since August of last year.  The energy quickly increased between 1am and 6am EST today.  Geomagnetic storms disrupt the energetic  structure of the earth and cause a variety of different symptoms.  From dizziness, nausea, feeling disconnected from our bodies, extreme exhaustion, anxiety, etc.  A storm of this level will even effect earths satellites and disrupt cellphones and electromagnetic waves.  Expect an interesting day to say the least.  It is all part of the intense upgrade that many of us have been experiencing.

During the next several months we will be experiencing massive ascension energies.  All of us are being called to ascend and bring changes that this planet has not seen in many lifetimes.  Please understand that this is a very positive thing, even if it feels painful at times.  The energy upgrades many of us have been discussing for years are knocking at the door.  It WILL be occurring in waves. From unexplained physical ailments to extreme mental challenges, it will be a process that each one of us must experience on our individual journey’s.  Some of you haven’t begun this process yet, many of you are in the middle of managing it and some are complete.  I can assure you, if you found yourself to this blog and are reading this, you are part of this change.  Do not get discouraged.  We are all here together and will help each other through.

Many new and exciting changes will be taking place over the next few months.  Those of you whom have worked with me for years -as soon as my spiritual sabbatical is complete – I cannot wait to discuss all of the new and awesome things that will be taking place.  My guidance has been giving me glimpses of what is to come and it so exciting!!

Love to you all- Jillian

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