Fear is love trying to find its way home

“Fear is love trying to find its way home through you.” – Jillian Greyse

On the other side of fear is enlightenment.  This whisper of wisdom has been floating through knowledge since the beginning of time.  It’s mentioned in many ancient teachings and pathways to enlightenment.  All who have entered these peaceful stages on earth have discussed periods of extreme emotions they had to move past in order to see the light and grow.  This is seemingly cryptic to comprehend.  For how can fear be conquered; and why is it such a profound block for us on our quest to peace and love?  The answer is much easier, as you can imagine. Take a moment to breathe and let the words you read speak to your soul.  I am going to take you on a journey to challenge your perception.  On the other side of this facade we have created is you.

Fear and love are the same emotion.  Think about it.  When you are excited, when you fall in love, when you experience a thrilling adventure, what sensations come up in your body?  Your heart pounds, your breathing quickens, your palms start to sweat, maybe you even feel light-headed.  Now compare, how is that different from fear, anxiety, or uneasiness?  The answer is quite simple, it is not any different, it is just the words in your head you label that are attached to it that change what vibration the emotion carries.

Now I am going to challenge you to take that a step further.  As humans we tend to only grow when we are uncomfortable.  Whether it is through experiences that us out of our reality or a sudden emotional state that changes without warning, we tend to only notice the “big stuff”.  Since we have become so disconnected from our true selves, these events become more meaningful.  When this occurs, many are left with feelings of anxiety that continue to rise.  As those emotions rise, our thoughts immediate relate them back to an uncomfortable situation we encountered, an illness the TV advertisement told us we have or an upcoming event.  We mentally label the feeling with a negative vibration or emotion.  We build a fortress around this emotion and continue to label it each and every time it comes up.  But all experience is designed for growth as a soul.  The more you grow, the more love you let in, the more compassionate you become – your heart opens.  You become more understanding, more loving, softer.  So, is it anxiety you are feeling or additional love trying to move its way through your soul that you are blocking by your own personal perception?

Our culture thrives on fear.  The news, the advertisements, what we are taught as children, etc., is highly based on how to avoid situations and worst-case scenarios.  It is natural that we begin to relate our internal emotions with this negative response.  When we do this, we block the love that is trying to expand and grow within us.  We stop the life-force energy of our soul’s growth process and actually label it as something to avoid, run from or ignore.  We take prescription drugs, alcohol, recreational drugs or over-eat – all to stop this movement of what is actually the energy of love from entering our soul.  This expands from us as adults to even our children who are labeled with attention and anxiety disorders.  Think about it, a child who has constant energy and difficult to “control”, what are they feeling?  The same feelings an adult would label as excitement or anxiety.  This is a movement of LOVE.  We are essentially misunderstanding our emotions, mislabeling them and blocking them from moving through, so we can become the love we were here to be.  What if we learned how to harness this emotion rather than reject it?

It is no wonder that often anxiety and depression go hand and hand.  Once you do not accept the love attempting to come into your spirit, your soul growth becomes halted and your life reflects this stagnancy.  It is all a cycle we have grown to accept and believe is the norm.  We have to wake up.  It is why we are walking this earth right now. Our soul growth depends on it.

What if we decide to change our misconception of this feeling and redirect our thoughts to love?  What if, as your heart pounds and you start to feel your stomach tighten, we direct our thoughts to that emotion being a raise of energy, a higher vibration moving through us, a feeling of love that is attempting to heighten our consciousness?  What if our spirit has been trying to wake us up for decades, but our culture was promoting us to stay in a place of lack and fear?  I challenge each one of you to push back that old perception when these feelings arise.  Sit with the feeling.  Welcome the feeling.  The more intense it becomes, the more you can have confirmation that the love you are bringing through your soul is opening up the doors you have been seeking for so many years.  Use the techniques that have been on earth forever to help you honor this energy.  Try deep breathing, meditation, walking through nature, yoga, praying – move the energy through you by welcoming it to be a part of you.  Rather than rejecting it, feel it begin to fade and move within you peacefully.  When you reject this feeling, it continues to keep returning back and trying over and over to integrate in your energy (hence, people who suffer from chronic anxiety and in turn panic, depression, etc.).  It is just love, no reason to be afraid, your soul is ready to grow – let it!  I challenge you to face fear and see through to the truth.  It is just love trying to find its way home through you.  The answer for peace and happiness has been there all along waiting to be found in the spirit that is you.  It’s your job to open the door when it knocks.



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