Active Month!

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We have an active end of month in store after a very wild July.  Through earthquakes, mass power outages, tornadoes, massive solar storms, meteor showers and a lunar eclipse, many of us have not have a chance to come up for air (myself included!).  However, we made it through!! Expect this energy to begin to intensify because we are being expanded, opened and called to honor and become in line with our higher selves.  For many of us, this has been challenging to say the least.

I have received many messages about extreme emotions all month, especially since Monday of this week.  Feelings of doom, panic, heart palpitations, anxiety, etc.,  have been common for so many.  All of these emotions are normal.  Our energy is transitioning.  We have been discussing this for many months.  I myself, as many of you may know , have been in the midst of a beautiful, massive change.  As the energy of the earth heightens, we must also accept a higher vibration to allow us to move forward.  Our physical bodies are of this earth, therefore,  you will start to feel these earth changes and shifts on an entirely new level.  It may be very difficult to adjust to.  Do not feel discouraged.  You may find at times something as small as going to to store overwhelms you.  It is all part of the connection of Oneness and in time you will begin to understand and honor them for what they are.  We are opening to finally “feeling” what we have hidden for so long.

As we are adjusting many unexplained ailments will occur in an effort to “clear out” anything is at a lower vibration.  Old illnesses, viruses, bacteria, immune disorders, etc. will arise.  Many of which will not be logically explained or diagnosed.  It is very important to be open to what is the best approach to work through these ailments.  Many ancient healing techniques are more equipped to understand and provide balance.  Above all we are being called to let go.  Let go of fear.  Let go of what holds us back.  Let go of control, judgement and anything hidden that we have not been able to release.  Remember the mind, body and spirit all work together as one.

As for the end of this month, we are on the toes of the Delta Aquarids Meteor shower.  This will be occurring the 28th and 29th but is already causing some major energy waves.  Focus on grounding with the earth, nature walks, outdoor meditations, walks barefoot, anything you can to let nature pull you back to center.  This will be important as the new moon will be arriving on August 1st, hopefully providing a much needed energy cleanse from July’s intensity.

I will do my best to keep all of you posted as this energy roller coaster continues.  Don’t forget, you’ve got this!  God will never give you more than you can handle and the universe has got your back.  Breathe and if you can, try to enjoy.  It will make the process much easier.

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