Tips on managing the current energy

Quick side note to all of you – ninety percent of this awakening process is going to be a challenge to your mental state.  A challenge to be true to yourself.  A testament to see if you are living the life that you are projecting you want the world to be.  It will be a push to learn how to control your mind, your center of creation.  Through your thoughts all things are manifested.  Begin to pay attention to them and see which ones are not serving you.  Step one is becoming aware of what energy you are emanating out to the world so you can make adjustments on your own person creation.

Personally for me, this has been one of the biggest tasks.  Monitoring the thoughts that are constantly running unchecked behind the scenes of my mind creating the environment I function in and the energy that runs through my body.

Some helpful tips:

During times of stress – Mala beads, prayer beads or rosary beads.  Create a mantra and repeat it as you run the beads through your fingers.  This diverts the subconscious mind from running away with a negative or toxic thought.  As soon as you feel a negative change in your emotions, grab your beads and start your mantra.  Simple things work great.  For example – I am beautiful, I am light, I am Gods perfection, I am love, etc.  Do not make the mantra too challenging, go with what flows into your mind.

Observing your thoughts with a journal.  As soon as you start to feel angry, anxious or frustrated grab a pen and paper and write the thoughts that your mind is repeating back to you.  Then make a conscious effort to notice when those thoughts return and correct them.  Call them out and begin to train them to another more positive destination.  Think of your subconscious like a dog.  It needs training.  So take control and train it.

BE patient.  Any changes to the mind take repetition.  Like 3 months worth of repetitive patterns.  Remember, it took how many years to train yourself to get to where you are?  So keep at it, just like another learned behavior, repetition is key.  Think about it, when you train for a marathon you do not run one day and say your ready.  Keep running and building strength.  You can do it!

And lastly, remember, the beauty of this journey is freedom.  Once you can free the mind, you will be free.  Your conscience can then move forward and help you create a vision of the future instead of living in the emotions, triggers and patterns of the past.  It is truly magical.

Love and light – Jillian

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