Meteor size of a house strikes near the US, yet goes unreported??

In Thursday’s Monthly Spirit class we spoke at length about the energy that came in at the end of July which rocked many of us. It was just brought to my attention that during the cluster of events which occurred at month’s end (full moon, lunar eclipse, meteor shower, high spirit day, etc.) the earth was also struck by a huge meteor, the size of a home!

There is no doubt that this event, coupled with all of the other astrological occurances was not a random situation. The energy is really kicking up and many of you were intuitive and spiritually connected enough to “feel” the chaos. Great job!

Please, if you are struggling emotionally right now, try to step back and realize you are doing great work and part of something so much larger than you could imagine. Go easy on yourself, we are here to make a change and that is what we are in the process of doing.

I am here if you need me. Sending love and light. -Jillian

Article -Asteroid Strike July 25th, 2018

August’s Spirit Class discussing current energy state for the month

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