Massive – 69 earth quakes hit the Pacific Rim!

As discussed in the Earth Illumination Report for August 21st – 28th, a very “funky” energy has been hanging around. I advised all of you to sage your space eventhough was too early for the full moon because the earth was releasing a lot of energy. In the past 5 days 69 earthquakes were reported along the Pacific Rim. An unprecedented amount.

Many of you felt these releases gearing up. Anxiety, depression, heart palpitations and an overall feeling of dis-ease was reported by many. To those of you out there struggling, I hope this sets your mind at ease and you can begin to view yourself as the increasingly advanced spiritual beings you truly are. Welcome to being a part of “the whole”. We are doing great work.

As always, I am honored to be with you on this journey.

Click to read article in recent mega earthquake event.

Click to listen to Earth Energy Illumination News for August 21st – 28th

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