As your darkness rises what will you do to heal? The next 2 days are pivotal.

As the fall comes to an end, winter will officially arrive this coming week. With the winter solstice around the corner it’s important to take a moment to understand what this time of year promotes for all of us. It is a time of inner work and clearing. A time to go dormant, like the earth, and evaluate what you need to in order to heal. This is why it is the darkest day of the year. It paves the way for our “darkness” to shine through so we can address it and let it go. It’s important to take the time to inner reflect while you are dormant and let go of what no longer serves you. This sets your energy up for a more balanced year and a calmer spring for new beginnings to start. Trust me, you want to enter 2020 as clear as you can. Quick tip: Take a pen and paper with you during your meditations and write down any emotions that are coming up. Then work on releasing them. If you need any help, let me know, I am always here. (

The 21st and 22nd the Ursids meteor shower will be at its peak. The meteor shower will amplify the solstice energy. This will take any dormant energy we have been holding on to and launch it to the surface. Take note of what is coming up, it will be your healing theme for the next several months. Be very mindful of your patterns this coming week. It just so happens to be a major holiday for so many, which will serve as an important teacher. Any emotions that come up are little lights shining on your next step toward freedom. They are clues to light the way for you to be aware of your inner self and what needs attention. On a side note, many struggle with emotions when they arise and do not know how to clear them. Please let me know if you need help and we can walk through this process together so you are able to further apply it to your self as you heal. It can be difficult to figure out what to release or how to release it.

As the darkest day of the year is comes up, write what about yourself you want to pull out of dormancy. It can be anything you want to let go of, you want to heal from, even something you want to learn more about that you have been putting off. Have a ceremony to release this emotion into the elements. A simple fire will do the trick. I urge all of you to go within. It is time and the energy will be there to guide you every step of the way. The question is, will you listen or try to hide? Try to remind yourself, you cannot hide from what is within. It’s part of you and will stay inside until you give it the wings it needs to fly.

I leave you with a picture of the sky today where I live. This rainbow appeared with the sun standing separately in the sky. It was like two suns in the same cloud line. The shape of the “eye” caught my attention. A beautiful message from above that all is as it should be. All is love and light.

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