2020!! A high spiritual year filled with rebuilding and working together.

2020 is here! This will be a year for building, hard work and dedication. Numerologically resonating to the number 4, this year will focus on putting the pieces back together that last year dismantled. Welcoming in the new you and building a relationship with the soul within. In addition, the double 2’s (master spiritual numbers) indicate the learning and building taking place this year will have an undouble spiritual focus and will involve working together to succeed. Those who have not been working on healing the imbalances that have risen in 2019 will find situations in their life coming to a breaking point. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, 2020 will bring all that was previously ignored to a head. Be aware that anything coming up in the beginning of this year should not be taken lightly. Look within to heal and work on your light piece by piece. Step one is to look around at what you have created and accept, you brought these situations to you. YOU are the only one responsible for patterns repeating. Whether it is patterns in relationships, jobs, finances, health, etc., it is occurring because something inside of you mirrors this energy. If you don’t like what you are seeing in areas of your life, look within and heal why YOU called it to you. If you continue to bring the same circumstances toward you in life, yet ALWAYS blame the perpetrator or have many emotional warning signs and decide to self-medicate instead of looking within, this is when your calling in a “rebalance” or wake up call in your world to push you along in a different trajectory. For some that wake up call or guru may be an emotional upheaval in their world, an illness, an injury, etc. Regardless, all of these “tragic” situations are actually your most knowledgeable teachers. A simple change of view point during your struggle will provide clarity and start you on the path to heal and come into balance. This coming year we will all choose our own way to heal from the inside out. BE prepared to GAIN YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE and stop looking outside for answers. Start building yourself to heal yourself, for as the earth heals and rebuilds itself this year, we will all be called upon to do the same. Remember, it’s not about being the best or mastering your whole life in one month or one year, it’s about making progress. Baby steps or big leaps, both are perfect and will help to provide you with balance. The struggle will come if you refuse to take the steps to move forward.

This month areas of the body to focus extra on and nourish are the feminine/sexual organs, including the womb and the breasts. The moon will be under the sign of cancer. Cancer is very emotional and ruled by the moon as its primary planet, making a cancer moon the strongest felt. Therefore, the effects of this moon will be intense, not to mention the lunar eclipse occurring on the same day. There is little doubt that this month is going to be a turning or a breaking point for many. Watch what is coming up and stay balanced. In addition, cancer rules the 6th chakra (the 3rd eye). It is no coincidence that the first moon of this highly spiritual year is located in one of our most spiritual centers of the body. The combination of the feminine awakening energy and the intuition will be exploding.

January 3rd and 4th – Quadrantids Meteor shower. This is an above average meteor shower and will be setting the stage to amplify the energy leading into the Full moon/Lunar eclipse. This event is also occurring in line with a numerological #9 (1+4+2+0+2+0) day, therefore, it will also serve to amplify the spiritual energy aligning. I can already feel the energy for this event setting up. This is not the time to take a break from your meditations and spiritual practices. A nature walk is not enough. During the next few days try your best to sit and quiet the mind. Last year was all about dismantling the ego. This year will be about building back your spirit. Practices that quiet the mind cause your ego to take a back seat and allow your higher self to gain momentum. If you cannot quiet your mind enough to meditate, yoga and breathing techniques will also help to tame your ego and will serve as a great way to balance.

January 10th – The Full Moon in Cancer and Penumbral Lunar eclipse. Another double event further feeding off the energy of double events in the month of December. This will be the bookend to the double intensity energy events that began at the end of 2019. The energy from this event will build from the Quadrantids meteor shower up until this night. It will reach its peak then slowly decent back down leading up until the New Moon. Make sure you are keeping up with your spiritual practices and clear your home on this day. Sage, Frankincense, Nag Champa and Palo Santo are all excellent options to maintain balance in your home during this event. Cultivate your spiritual energy during this moon. The energy is going to be prime for intuition and opening your chakra centers. Do not miss this opportunity to connect and let the energy flow.

January 24th – New Moon in Aquarius. Notice how this month extends from the intuition to the root. From top to bottom, the 6th chakra down to the 1st. Whatever you cultivated in your spiritual centers at the beginning and middle of this month will be brought down into the earth’s energy field. This is incredibly important for the collective energy in the earth and for healing more than just your individual self. What change do you want to see in the world? What is your contribution? How can you make a difference? The answer in that in lies in what you do between the 3rd of this month to the 24th. Your individual energy will be sent through your field to earth’s magnetic field and will create a ripple effect that will not only set up the energy of the year, it perpetuates the healing energy needed to heal the earth. What could be more important than that?

In 2020 it is imperative that we all begin to do our part. No more excuses. Our soul is not on this earth to fit in, fear change and cultivate lower emotions such as greed, anger and sadness. We are here to heal. We are not victims, we are a team working together toward truth, love and light. Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable.

Remember, we’ve got this! Stay tuned for updates as the month progresses. I will do my best to keep you all informed with any energy shifts that may arise as the weeks pass.

Below are tips for the month to help you keep your energy clear and balanced

Crown 6th chakra and Root 1st chakra-

Yoga poses -Humble warrior, wide legged forward fold, Warrior 1, Childs pose with forehead to the floor. Be sure to ground your feet into the floor for each pose for added benefit.

Aroma therapy – Sandalwood, frankincense, lavender and rose.

Meditations –

Guided Meditation for the 1st

Guided Meditation for the 6th try to do daily!

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