New Moon on the 24th – See your challenges in a new light.

As we head toward the new moon the earths vibrational frequency is shifting. We gain the opportunity to pull forward what we long to bring toward us. New moons are about manifesting, thinking about what you want in your future. Who do we want to become? What do we feel awakening inside us? It is important to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want during this time period. While it is always positive to focus on what you wish to bring toward you, during a new moon period the ability to manifest is especially ripe and powerful. If during this week you have an experience that pushes your thoughts off path, what is most impactful is how quickly you let go and refocus your mind into the right direction. This new moon will be in Aquarius, which will powerfully influence the 1st chakra, our grounding. If you enter this period at a lower vibration with your energy off balance, issues of stability will arise, financial security, home security, relationship foundations, fears of your safety, fear of the future, fear of health, feeling angry about your role on this earth etc. may come up. The emotion of fear resides in the root chakra. If these emotions occur, be sure to practice some grounding techniques and don’t be afraid to go within for more clarity. Often times when you take a moment to go inside and ask yourself how you are feeling and why, you will receive a response that helps you to gain in site and clarity. Always remember, no one will ever heal YOU better than YOU.

As the energy arrived over the weekend with vengeance, challenges around fears are brewing wildly. The wave this afternoon almost overtook any positive emotion in its way. We are gaining valuable knowledge in regard to what we need to focus on. Therefore, as you put into your mind all you wish to draw toward you, make sure to add in what aspect you would like to draw in healing for. Your being shown what to ask for assistance on and what you need to grow. Do not focus on this energy and think of it negatively. Do not label it as anxiety or depression or anger. Observe it and take note. Ask yourself what you need in your life to learn how to release. Use this new moon to request assistance for anything that you need. Know it is a guide to transport you to what you need to grow.

Tips – Frankincense or nag champa your home1st chakra yoga poses to include in your practice – Easy pose, Lotus, Child pose, Warrior 1 and 2 with feet grounded into the earthFor suggested meditations click here and scroll to the bottom.

Keep checking back for any updates that may arise as the month continues. Until then, sending love and light- Jillian


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