Constant Earthquakes and Eruptions taking place- grounding is extra important!!

A 7.3 earthquake was just recorded in Jamaica. This, along with the several other strong earthquakes in the Solomon Islands, Turkey and Alaska throughout this week have stirred up the earth’s energy.

Additionally, we have been experiencing an influx in volcanic activity from Washington to Tokyo.

As earth releases bursts of energy, we do as well. To help assist this process, take a moment to ground your energy into the earth and send light. You can achieve this easily by picturing something you love, then visualizing that energy moving throughout body to your feet, then earth’s core. This will greatly help the collective energy to move through quicker with less intensity.

All of this activity is serving to cleanse and set the stage for the upcoming supermoon in Feburary. Next month’s moon will be strongly influencing our 7th chakra, the crown. Prepare yourself now by taking care of your spiritual energy and adopting a daily practice that helps you to stay centered. Without some type of daily devotion to your growth, each passing month can become increasingly uncomfortable. This is occuring to assist you to release, heal and move forward.

The more unbalanced you are, the more anxiety and discomfort you will feel during these shifts. This is due to the fast moving vibration getting stuck in your energy field. It is imperative to take care of your mind, body and spirit at this time! I’m here for all who need me. Please be patient..I am doing my best to keep up with everyone’s messages. Sending all the light I can.

For meditation suggestions and links. Got to Previous blog on the New Moon

Check back for updates and Feburary’s monthly energy report! It is going to be a busy month! Love and light- Jillian

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