Full moon 12-12-12 /3-3-3/ meteor shower. Heal yourself and watch the world follow.

We are 2 days away from the full moon energy of this month. As this full moon takes the spotlight in the sky, the magnified energy of this coming year will begin. Remember the power of doubles from the monthly energy report? May of us are already feeling the amplified waves arriving pushing energy through our spiritual body. Anything causing you to not open your heart center is going to become predominant over the next few days while this energy builds. This energy may seem unbearable but it is actually your guide. Pay attention to what is tugging at your emotions and release it.

In order to move forward we must have our heart center clear enough to align with our souls intentions. Therefore, on the beautiful eve of this opening of love for humanity and the power of 3, (12-12-2019 or 12-12-12 or 3-3-3) considered to be the holy trinity and the number of the divine spirit, let us come together and open the door for this next wave of energy to arrive. We are ready and have been working toward this for many life times. It’s here.

Remember, this light will be an explosion of energy more powerful than we have seen. As the Geminids meteor shower electrifies down upon us. All of these events clustered are not a coincidence. They are preperation for what we all have been feeling. A door opening to awaken in love where we remember our own power and stop allowing others to hold the key. From politicians to the medical industry to corrupt religion structures, we are watching the awakening of our own truth. Those of you stuck in fear, this is an indication of how much you gave your power away. Believe in you. Not what you’ve been told. All of us are Gods in the flesh powered by a source that created this world to reconnect with love. Look within and heal yourself, then watch world follow.

Anyone who needs help releasing, let me know and I will do all I can to help you awaken to your form of letting go. Also, the meditations in this month’s update will be very helpful. I’m here sending love and light – Jillian

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2 thoughts on “Full moon 12-12-12 /3-3-3/ meteor shower. Heal yourself and watch the world follow.

  1. Hi Nancy! Both meditations in the December monthly energy report (last post) would be a great start. If you still struggle after doing those for about a week then I would address the 2nd chakra and to be sure it was clear and centered after giving birth. Very often that area is out of balance after having a baby and needs some extra care. If you need any help working with the 2nd energy center, let me know. 😊


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