Leonids meteor shower calls for us to wake up that crown chakra!! Harness this energy!

Welcome to the Leonids meteor shower peaking tonight and tomorrow. This is a medium level meteor shower, however, sandwiched between the full moon and the new moon, it will feel more intense than usual. This shower will be amplifying the 7th chakra and expanding the flow of energy in your spine and upper chest.

If cultivated correctly, the fluid around your spinal column serves as a conductor of energy. Deep breathing along with practicing bondas (energy locks in your body) activate this flow and create positive and negative charges that influence your pineal gland in the brain.

Today is an awesome day to practice some kundalini breathing for that crown and to shake up the crystals in the pineal gland, a.k.a, the seed to our soul. Below are some videos to help guide you on how to practice this breathing and clear your 7th chakra. Choose whatever you are intuitively drawn to. Beware, it is pretty intense but awesome results!

Always here if you need me. Love and light- Jillian

Chick here for kundalini breathing video

Recommend guided breathing for this technique

Music for 7th chakra