Wild next couple of days – Be Prepared!Meditation for Heart Healing & Forgiveness

The next several days are will be very powerful.  This is not a time to skip meditation or spiritual routines.  Below are a few suggested meditations to stayed grounded, centered and clear.

The first guided meditation is specifically for the heart and is compliments of my teacher Johnna Smith (JohnnaYoga.com).  She is a beautiful soul and amazing healer who has helped me more than words can express the past few months.  I am forever grateful for her guidance and light. I want to share this with all of you to assist with forgiveness and the heart clearing that is currently taking place.  I have been listening to this meditation all week. It has been wonderful for releasing and centering heart energy.

The second guided meditation is for healing the shadow self.  This month is all about learning to love ourselves unconditionally.  Take a moment to work on healing the parts of yourself that are needed to create wholeness.

Last are two links to solfeggio tones specific to the Throat and Heart Chakra.  Both are great choices to leave playing while sleeping or doing daily chores/activities.  This will ensure these areas of your energy stay as centered as possible.

As always, I am here for all of you.  Please email or text me if there is anything you need.

Sending love and light – Jillian

JohnnaYoga.com heart meditation;

Shadow Self Guided Meditation

Music for 5th Chakra

Music for 4th Chakra

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