Heightened energy reminder

Don’t forget todays metoer shower.

Anyone experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, uneasiness, anger or more extreme emotions please take a moment to look at my previous post for tips on how to balance in allow this energy to move through easier.

Remember, we are focused on the heart this month, which in turn means matters of the heart are going to be coming up front and center. This may be times when you’ve been heartbroken, it may be times when you haven’t loved yourself enough, it maybe times when you haven’t fully grieved something in your life, etc. I urge all of you to take the time out to let this energy release. Give yourself a break and be loving to others today. This energy will be heightened today and tomorrow.

For those of you have a moment tonight, take some time to go outside and watched the beautiful meteors send sparkles of energy down to our Earth super charging the love that we all have in our hearts. It is a beautiful day focus on that light. Also, the mantra “I love myself I am perfect the way I am,” is awesome to repeat.

I am here for anyone who has questions. In the meantime, keep checking back for updates and sending all of you lots of love and light. – Jillian

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