November 2019 Energy Report

Batten down the hatches!  November is going to be a pivotal month for energy and change.

Many of us are still centering ourselves after the New Moon’s arrival on the 28th. This phase of the moon occurred under the sign of Scorpio which has a tendency to be a bit aggressive and emotional. Scorpio also rules the 3rd chakra or the ego center of the body. As a result, matters of self-esteem, self judgement and an overall negative self-image may surface causing some new areas where healing needs to take place. The great news is, new moons are wonderful for new beginnings! Therefore, listen to what you are saying to yourself and take notes. This will lead you to where you need to focus on letting go and self love. This subtle energy of finding self-worth will be hanging around for a bit while the full moon begins to set the stage.

October 31st through November 20th – Mercury in retrograde. This is going to be one of the most intense Mercury periods that we have experienced. For more on this event continue reading below.

November 5th and 6th – Taurids Meteor shower. This is a minor meteor shower, however, with the intense energy from this month, it will feel like an extreme meteor storm. Remember, self-worth is the theme right now. If you start feeling massive amounts of insecurity coming up, don’t let it run away with you, learn from it and work on releasing.

November 11th – Rare transit of Mercury crossing the sun (while Mercury is in retrograde). This brings us to one of the most exciting parts of the month. The energy for this event is going to carry an enormous shift. I can feel the energy just thinking about it! Not only is this occurring on the 11th (high spiritual number), this event only occurs about once every 20 years AND it is in conjunction with a Mercury retrograde period. It is very rare and very disruptive to communication as well as our 5th chakras. Mercury is all about communication of everything. From our personal verbal communication to our bodies electrical systems to computers, cell phones and electronics, everything acts unpredictable and out of balance. During this transit, Mercury will be crossing the powerful masculine energy of the Sun and this will supercharge and set the stage for the FULL MOON ON THE 12th!!!! OMG, if there was ever a week to take a vacation from life, this will be the week!

November 12th – Full moon in Taurus. This is where it is going to get a bit “sticky”. Taurus rules the heart. The heart chakra is what has been awakening in so many of us causing this feminine energy to come up and recalibrate. Many of us have been struggling with this feminine energy rising with us. The heart is the site of our intuition, our love of ourselves or lack thereof.  For many, the clearing of this center of the body has been beautiful, rewarding, terrifying and emotional all at the same time. So, if you connect the dots, the new moon in Scorpio primed us and brought up issues of self-esteem and insecurity and now the full moon will “flush out” the impurities causing an intense clearing to self love and unconditional acceptance in our soul’s karma. Go easy on yourself and be prepared for what may come up. DO NOT try to push it down and ignore emotions.   I encourage you to sit with your feelings. Give comfort to yourself. Honor the journey your soul is on and know that learning to love our soul is why we are here. Love yourself enough to be there for yourself. Taking on this attitude will enormously assist this energy release.

November 17thand 18th, had enough yet? LOL…now arrives the Leonids Meteor shower to amp up the energy some more. This is a medium meteor shower producing about 15 meteors per hour. These storms always cause an influx in the current energy that is being projected. SOOOOOO…. HEART ENERGY, love, self-love, times when you have been hurt in loving relationships, etc., all of this is going to be at the surface of our spiritual, physical and emotional fields. Be prepared to release, let go, and learn from what is coming up.

November 26th – new moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules the 2nd chakra. Our reproductive, creative, sexual center. Focus on sending as much energy as you can into this center to keep your hormones balanced and calm. The wonderful thing about Sagittarius is that it tends to be lighter and much more fun, therefore, harness this energy and start a gratitude journal for the next 2 weeks. Begin your day with 5 things you love about your life. This will help anchor the positive energy of Sagittarius into your field and provide a much-needed recalibration for the month.

Couple helpful tips-

Center all of your healing and balancing around the 4th chakra this month. I strongly suggest starting off your day with some heart chakra assistance to get the channel of energy in that center clear and prepared for the energy to come through as fluently as possible.

Yoga poses – Back bends and any pose that faces your heart toward the sun will be very therapeutic. Camel pose, Reverse Plank and Bridge pose are all great examples of how to center this energy for correct flow.

Aroma therapy for the heart – Jasmine, rose, Lemon are all great for diffusing. Also, go to to purchase the heart balancing aroma therapy sent for the month. It is an awesome combination for clearing and centering that I have been using for months.

Breathing is key for this chakra. Take time out each day to take 5 deep breaths expanding your lungs and releasing. One of my favorites is the 4-7-8 breathing technique. This has been a lifesaver for me the past several months.  For directions, try this video 4 7 8 Breathing Technique

Don’t forget our healing circle every Tuesday and Thursday. Simply put in the comments on this post anyone who you would like to be included!

I am so humbled to be with all of you on this journey! Keep checking back for updates. It is going to be a wild month and I will keep you posted on any geomagnetic storms, earthquakes or crazy events that fire up and can affect your energy, so you can stay as informed and clear as possible.

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