Reflection and New Moon

For the past week anything left over to be cleared from the full moon was brushed abruptly to the surface. Many experienced two complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

Some felt the post moon energy was calm and relaxing. Some felt chaotic and unsettled. It’s important to understand no matter which side you fell on, the most important thing is how did you react?

Were you patient, kind and supportive to others if you felt balanced? Did you take a moment to spread that energy perhaps by complementing someone or helping someone in need?

If you felt lost or out of balancd, did you take the time to center? Did you practice kindness and patience with yourself?

It’s important to realise that how we treat ourselves is a direct reflection on how deeply we can share love with others. This goes hand and hand with how much compassion we show others will reflect our own self love.

No matter how you felt, the impact is in what you choose to radiate. Always choose to reflect a positive vibration. This radiates across the earth’s magnetic field and promotes unity, peace and love. Take a good look at your contribution to the earth energy and check to see if you are proud of what you shared. If not be mindful next time to make a difference.

***Hello to the new moon! Today we take a moment to honor the beautiful new moon arriving in Sagittarius. This will provide a much needed lift in your vibration while December sets up. Today is the day to manifest!

Remember, new moon is for new ideas and manifesting. Spend a moment writing down what you want to focus on this month. Start small. Something as simple as I want to become aware when I think a fearful thought and repeated a mantra or I will tell my spouse I love them twice a day. Anything that you want to focus on, this is the prime day to tell the universe your plan.

If manifesting try to remember, coming from a place of gratitude is key. Manifestations are only as strong as the emotion around them. It’s not the thought that counts. It’s the thought married to the feeling together create the vibration and bring it to life.***

Next month is going to be wild! Details on that later in the week. Until then, sending love and light – Jillian

A view from my beautiful fall walk yesterday. Beautiful grounding and light to all of nature!

One thought on “Reflection and New Moon

  1. Hello Sweet Jillian,

    It delights me that you are walking on that beautiful path in the picture & in life. I feel so much gratitude for your return.

    I, however, am having a ROUGH time. I want to make it to our appointment but in the meantime if there is anything you can do to help. I cannot get over my grief from losing Libby so suddenly. I am once again on liquids for colon rest…& spent my morning at the Vet with Lu the cat, one of the 3 seniors we have.

    Please help me!

    Sending love always,



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