Triple alignment coupled with the spring equinox. These earth events are NOT a coincidence. Don’t let your shadow control you and feed the hype. BE part of the solution not the problem.

We are headed into an alignment of Saturn, Mars and Pluto.  Just a little background about the energy of these planets; Mars was considered the God of War and would ride on a chariot with two horses named Phobos (fear) and Deimos (panic). While Mars was known to spread these things, it had also learned to master them too.

Mars teaches us how to handle, navigate and not allow our fears to control us.  As we accept them and stop allowing them to give us power, we learn to use them as tools to on how to create more love, balance, and self-care. 

Sound similar to what is happening on a global scale?  Are we letting our fears control us?  The media feeds on those fears and we becoming nothing but puppets to manifest what the news outlets project.  Take a moment to let those words digest.  It’s all in alignment with what the energy of this month was sending through. 

Then we have Jupiter behinds the scenes. It promotes magnification and expansion.  This has extreme power to take what we are feeling and magnify it into events happening into the world.   Which is exactly what is happening right now. 

For those out there who believe their thoughts have anything to do with their creation, I pose this question; Why are you giving away your power to manifest and create?  Ask yourself why you are allowing outside forces to rule your inside soul clouding your intuition and giving away your free will.  Like vibrations attract other like vibrations.  All illness, emotions, even the human body, is a vibration.  If you allow your vibration to be low and based in fear, anxiety and control, then you lend yourself wide open to any like vibrations to come in and thrive. Hence why some with the coronavirus appear to have absolutely no symptoms and others are struggling.  Simply ask yourself?  Where are your emotions vibrating? The more fear and stress, you will attract other things at that level.  Those other things include illness and circumstances that will be more stressful.

Get it?  Therefore, ask yourself – Are you part of the toilet paper, hording, fear mongering, projecting the worst crowd or are you taking time to apply what we have been training for.  It doesn’t matter how much you grow spiritually if you keep lending your ability to create to outside forces.  With that mentality you’ll never be free.  You have the power within you to ignite.  For me, I choose to be a torch.

So, let the extra free time we are experiencing show you where you need to slow down.  We need more time as families together.  More time to eat at home instead of on the go.  Teach our children how to use free time wisely instead of rushing to this event and that event after all day at school.  Learning how to cultivate this free time is what life is about.  It shows us how to expand and how to connect with our souls.  Why do we think it’s healthy to be busy? It’s the exact opposite!  This is a beautiful opportunity to evaluate who and what you are giving your power away to.  If you want to truly help right now, connect with your soul and dedicate your spiritual practice to healing the energy around all of us.  By doing so you can create the vibration of healing and reverse an illness that gets this blown out of proportion.  BE STRONG. BE WHAT YOUR HERE TO BE.  Stop being what your told to be.  We are done with that.  It’s time to move forward in love. 

This planetary energy will show us that fear is always present in the world but we have control on how we react.  In a time of lack, give.  In a time of fear, be brave.  In a time of control choose to be free.

As the Spring equinox arrives our manifestation powers will be strengthened.  Please, I beg all of you, do not manifest the medias dream for the world we are in.  Have the power to manifest our own belief.  The quicker we understand this, the faster we all heal.  We are all in this together, hand in hand.  Alone we are strong. Together we are unstoppable.

As always sending all of you love and the strength to be the light – Jillian

One thought on “Triple alignment coupled with the spring equinox. These earth events are NOT a coincidence. Don’t let your shadow control you and feed the hype. BE part of the solution not the problem.

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