Huge spikes in the earth’s natural magnetic field for the past 2 days!

As always, I am committed to keep you updated on any influxes of energy you may feel. Not only are we headed into a huge time of manifestation, as expected the Schumann Resonance has been spiking to very powerful levels.

Those unfamiliar with the Schumann resonance, it has a powerful effect on human behavior. When heightened, emotions are amplified. Also when heightened, connecting with your spiritual energy can be easier due to your vibration rising. Therefore, I urge all of you to take time out today to be with nature. Connect with the light around you and send loving energy to the earth as this powerful transision takes place.

This resonance coupled with the spring equinox and new moon energy still strong, it is a time of very powerful manifestations. Please use your thoughts and heart wisely. Write down your intentions and burn them.

Please take a moment to view the suggest links below. The first link is a perfect meditation for the next couple of days to balance yourself and the earth. The second is link to the latest The Spirit That is You update. It would help the earth immensely to do your part and stay aligned instead of panicking and letting your anxiety rule your heart. To assist you in this process, AstroloYoga starts next month. See below for details about this FREE service!! Simply follow this blog or click here to subscribe to The Spirit That Is You YouTube channel to stay up to date!

Guided meditation for this week

For more tips Click here and Watch video from The Spirit That is You blog post

P.s. As I write this post I am out for a walk in the bright warm sunshine. Birds are chirping, squirrels running freely, insects flying all around with bright butterflies and bees dancing from flower to flower. They are getting their healing. Through all that is happening, light is shining around us. Nature is alive with love and peace. Follow their lead. They are much more intuitive than we are.

Please click follow for updates and subscribe to The Spirit That Is You YouTube. Join us starting in April for AstroloYoga! This FREE program will provide personalized monthly tips for all ages to assist in aligning your energy month to month. From astrological alignments to yoga poses, mantras, breathing techniques, mudras, aromatherapy, music gemstones, numerology alignments, tips for pets and so much more!! Just click follow to stay up to date!

Alone we are strong. Together we are unstoppable. I am humbled and proud to be with all of you on this journey. Sending all of you love and light- Jillian

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