The solstice energy starts its shake up

Until last night, the Schumann Resonance has been relatively calm the past week. With very slight fluctuations, we have had a chance to breathe, reflect, focus on the super moon and let the energy of our truth begin to surface. If you are still feeling the effects of the moon, please take a moment to look at the March energy update for tips on how to balance and align your energy.

This calmness is coming to a close for now as the next frequency sets up. The Schumann Resonance (the earths OM) spiked to 90 last night! Causing huge disruptions in sleep, anxiety to rise and an overall feeling of unsettled.

Undoubtedly, many of us felt this shift but those who felt this energy more intensely, it is a result of being out of alignment. Not a big deal, however, moving through month to month without addressing and balancing your energy will cause these uncomfortable emotions and sensations to increase. This is not an effort to torture you or make you unhappy, it is an effort to assist you and help you to change. Many of us know what we need to do in order to stay in alignment but so few of us actually follow through with what our heart is telling us we need. We rely on others to fix it but this never lasts long. The self love and self care we know we needs to begin, we ignore and make excuses that there is not any time, or we will start tomorrow, or a good show is on Netflix. This simply cannot continue with the new energy coming in. No more excuses, we have to do the work to heal and learn to love.

Please, take the time. Connect, center, review some of the suggestions in March’s post. You are not just doing this for yourself, you’re doing it for ALL of us. Each time one of us aligns and centers it is like a piece of the puzzle being placed into the big picture. We ALL become more whole. It makes it easier for ALL of us to align when each one of us does the work we need to do.

If you are reading this, we all need you. Take the time out for the self love you deserve and everyone can grow. The earth, the stars, the universe, the galaxies beyond ours, each animal, each plant, each person, we are all ONE. Separateness is an illusion. If you truly want to help others, help yourself first, then watch that light spread from within you. Start from the inside and it will stream out.

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