March Energy Report – Ignite your truth and taming our ego

Each month is a mini-lifecycle of the soul with the Earth as the mother/feminine nurturer and universe above as the father/masculine protector.  The Sun, Moon and stars are our trusted allies here to guide us with love every step of the way, shining down, providing light as we journey through the darkness.  We are in between, feeling the light and the energy as its connection rises and awakens within us.  Each step reminds us of who we are, leaving crumbs throughout all of time about this beautiful connection.  From the stars to the earth.  From Greek mythology to wise yogis to the Egyptians and native Americans to the bible.  All of these texts designed with one purpose.  To ignite our way home.  All mention the power in the sun, moon and stars and what they symbolize to us.  It is up to you if on your quest you seek to connect this beauty into your soul.  No matter what you decide, the universe looks on with its light and love each step of the way.

This month will take us through a journey from finding our truth to releasing our ego.  The new moon is our rebirth and the full moon is the pruning of the aspects that no longer serve us.  The new moon is the progression of where we want to go, the full moon symbolizes what we want to let go of.  Just as in life as each experience that challenges us rises and falls, so do the cycles of the earth.  Long and short. Years and days.  Weeks and Months.  They are all mini cycles on the journey of our life.

March has arrived and with it comes the smell of spring.  New beginnings.  New light.  A chance to apply all that the winter has taught us.  As I sit and look out the window, the vast quickening of nature is strong.  Buds on the trees beginning to form, flowers blooming, birds chirping, crickets at night gaining momentum as they tune their song each passing day.  The day light is shining longer and the earth is coming alive.  As always, the outer world is a reflection of what is also occurring inside of us.  As spring is awakes, it is a time to commence and pull together all that we have learned throughout the dormant winter months.  It is a time of putting the puzzle piece together. A time for growth.  It is a time to master the mind after several months of winter, struggling to keep our grounding.  A new beginning has come. We will finally see the fruits of our labor as long as we honor the lessons in our past.

March 9th – Full Super moon. Our first major event will be the full supermoon.  This supermoon is occurring, once again, on high spiritual # 9 day.  9 in Numerology is about humanity, volunteer work, compassion for mankind, working together to create harmony and peace. Since 2020 is about hard work, building, connection and relationships in a spiritual direction, having the first moons of the year occurring on high spiritual numbers is no surprise.  To stay balanced during this period any volunteering or community service will benefit your soul in a powerful way.  Even something as simple as paying for someone’s coffee at a drive thru will allow your energy to flow more smoothly.  This moon is under the sign of Virgo.  Which connects with the 5th chakra and Mercury.  Mercury effects how we think, learn and communicate.  Normally with a Mercury moon this would be positive for most of us, however, mercury is still in retrograde.  As a result, the qualities of mercury will be turned around and amplified.  Expect electronics to be crazy, the ability to express emotions be a mess and communication in general to be unpredictable. Luckily, as of the 10th, Mercury goes direct again and its effect will lesson dramatically after this moon peaks.  Most of what arises emotionally during this week will be tough to move.  Mercury and Virgo are both earth signs.  This is a denser element; therefore, I do not advise spending too much time trying to clear any issues that arise during this period.  Instead take not of them and once Mercury settles (mid-month), start working on healing. This is the perfect day for an outdoor ceremony sending into the universe all you wish to let go of.  Full moons are about releasing.  Honor this release and let anything that is stagnant wash away.    Below are techniques to keep this energy balanced and flowing throughout the beginning and middle of the month.

When to do these techniques; the full moon is stronger approximately 5 days prior to the event, you will feel the energy brewing inside your soul.  Once that starts, it’s time.  This is a super full moon, so expect high intensity and make time to balance from it.  Continue after the full moon until you feel centered.

Tips for the full super moon/beginning of the month – during any meditations, yoga or spiritual practice, face the northern direction.  The energy will be stronger in the north, therefore, promoting a clear spiritual connection and flow.    

Pick one, two or all, whatever your drawn to and feel you need.

Affirmation for the 1st through the 15th of this month – I serve others with love and wisdom.  I speak with truth from my heart.

Palo Santo your home to get the energy moving

Suggested Yoga poses – Bridge, Revolved side angle, rabbit, camel, plow, cobra, ear pressure pose

Do something that positively effects someone else. Ex – Donating old cloths, books, toys..paying for someone’s order, sending an anonymous gift, volunteering, etc.

Ujjay Breathing technique

Singing in the car

Any mediation music with the solfeggio tone of 741 hz

Click here for suggested Guided Meditation

March 19th/20th – Spring Equinox.  Its official, spring has arrived.  This is a wonderful time to clean house.  That is why so many of us get the urge to do a little “spring cleaning”.  This is more than an urge, it’s a natural instinct.  Again, the outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  Our inner souls are reviewing all we learned in the previous months deciding what we should honor and what needs to be released.  This is a great day for a long walk in nature and to pick one room in your home to feng shui for the season.  A simple change in your outer environment can ignite your inner environment and promote positive energy flow.  Also, take time this evening to reflect on what you learned throughout the winter months.  Pick one thing and decide how you wish to focus in into the coming season.  Whether it is to be more mindful of the things you are emotionally addicted to or a new course you want to study, take this time to bring it to life.

Sage and Frankincense your home on this day.

March 24th New moon in Aries.  Aries rules the 3rd chakra. The most important thing to take note of during this cycle will be the ego.  Aries is a fiery planet ruled by Mars, know as the red planet for a reason.  It stirs up anger and impatience where ever it can find it.  Think fire, the element of fire engulfs things until they dissipate.  This is a reflection on what will be happening for your energy.  It will essentially be engulfing all of the negative, angry, frustrated emotions and pushing them to the surface.   So, do not be surprised if you experience bouts of unreasonable anger and aggravation leading up to this new moon.  However, all of this can be balanced and released without the disruption. Below are key tips on how to cultivate and balance this energy. 

When to do these techniques; about 5 days prior to the New moon, you will feel the energy brewing inside your soul.  Once that starts, its time.  Continue after the New moon until you feel more balanced.

Pick one, two or all, whatever your drawn to and feel you need.

Most importantly begin all spiritual practices facing the South.  More energy will be flowing in from that direction therefore, having your 3rd eye or front energy field oriented in this position will enhance any practice you are doing.

Yoga poses – Think twist.  Anything that churns that upper abdomen.  Also, power.  Anything that calls power toward you. Examples- Seated twists, triangle pose, Warrior 1,2,3 and/or peaceful warrior.  Standing side stretches, bow, boat.

Breathing technique – one of my favorites EGO Eradicator.   Click here for video.  This is an intense breath that pumps energy in and out of that belly.  Works great but if you are new to it, start slow.

Listen to mediation music at the solfeggio tone 528hz

Click here for suggested guided meditation

This is the day to SAGE SAGE SAGE your home.  Sage works great for lower vibrations.  It is Sages specialty.  Get those vibrations moving out!

That is the month in a snap shot.  Of course, there will be other events that pop up as the month continues.  Keep checking back and/or click follow to get updates on any earth energy shake ups that take place.

Also, I am SUPER EXCITED to introduce AstroloYoga next month!! This technique is designed to empower you to have all of the tools you need to stay balanced each month.  Who doesn’t need a reminder and a little help on how to support your spiritual growth to become the soul you are here to be????   From gemstones, yoga poses, mudras, mantras, numerology, breathing techniques, important spiritual topics, astrological alignments and more!  The earth to the sky and everything in between will be pulled into balance within your soul.  AstroloYoga is for the whole family, teens, children and adults alike.  We are all fully grown souls, big or small, each one of us is here for a deeper purpose. Let’s cultivate that together.  Join me and my daughters as we take you on a journey each month for enlightment, learning, fun but most of all self-love. Please know that my light is sent to each of you reading these words.  We are moving through this journey together, as equals, reconnecting to our soul.  As always sending love and light- Jillian