Earthquakes and Volcanoes, hello Uranus

As discussed in Tuesday’s Spirit Group meeting, the alignment of Uranus and Taurus is going to cause a massive shift.  In the May class there was specific mention of both earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Since Tuesday, Hawaii is experiencing a huge volcanic eruption as well as several earthquakes and an earthquake was just reported in Lake Ontario.

These recent occurrences serve as a testament to how powerfully connected we are with the solar system that surrounds us.  We are constantly given a “map” on what to expect and the energy that effects us.

We are currently experiencing the beginning of this massive planetary alignment. Uranus, which rules things like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme natural disasters, is the planet that makes sudden unexpected visits that upset the old patterns in order to unstuck things that are stuck.  This energy is going to be anything but quiet and calm.  Especially over the next few months.

I have already received several messages from people struggling today.  From anxiety to heart palpitations to massive mood swings.  All of this is normal and to be expected.  As we continue to grow spiritually, we will continue to align with the earth energy and feel its “growing pains”.  This is a beautiful sign of spiritual/soul growth

This is one of the core reasons I began the Spirit Classes, to spread the word to everyone that is is okay, we are okay and it is going to be alright.  We are in this together.

Registration for June’s Spirit class is now open, however, in house seats are almost full.  The ONLINE class is also open for registration and has unlimited seating.  My goal is and always has been to help others, if you know anyone who is struggling or interested in understanding more, please spread the word.  The first online class is free for anyone wanting to check it out. 

Click here to register for June’s Spirit Class

Click here to purchase the video of May’s Spirit Meeting  ( payment option 5)

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