Get ready Aquarids is coming!

Today and tomorrow mark the peak for the Aquarids meteor shower.  Do not forget to take some time out and do some stargazing tonight.  Remember, when meteor showers occur, heightened earth energy follows.  These celestial events are spiritually considered to be gifts from our surrounding universe to ignite and illuminate the energy surrounding us.  Energy that is much needed right now.  It is the perfect evening to meditate, practice yoga or even go for a walk.

Those more sensitive to spiritual energy may feel spacey, dizzy, headaches, sinus pressure, rapid heart beat, etc.  All are symptoms that your physical body is connecting with this energy and correctly filtering it through your soul.  No need to worry.  Take the time out to ground today, become connected with nature and soak in the sun.  This will help assist you to maintain balance.  Below is an article about the meteor shower for some added information.  Have a beautiful day.  Sending all of you lots of love and light.

About the Aquarid Meteor Shower

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