MAY 2018 Monthly Energy Report

Important Dates for May

  • Beltane (throughout the month steadily increasing)
  • May 6th and 7th – Aquarids Meteor shower
  • May 15th New Moon in Taurus
  • May 15th Taurus and Uranus align until Nov 6th
  • May 29th – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Beltane ( Throughout the Month steadily increasing until the Summer solstice)

  • Celtic Tradition stemming back since 16th century, we are officially half way through spring.
  • Beginning of May, energy is intense and increases towards the climax of the summer solstice. This energy stirs up the 2nd chakra and is know by nature as “mating season”.
  • Important to keep your 2nd chakra balanced.
  • As the coming weeks progress, the 2nd chakra energy will increase and heart energy will temporary combine with this chakra (around the new moon), stirring up any past blockages pertaining to loss, broken heart, grief. Use this time to release any past loves, old hurts or people whom have passed that you may be holding on to. It’s a great time to let go.

Aquarids Meteor shower

  • May 6th and 7th will peak
  • High charged meteor shower
  • Above average shower 60 meteors per hour at its peak. Great viewing!
  • The energy will be strongest during its peak
  • Meteor showers cause an amplified earth energy and a deeper connection with our celestial atmosphere
  • Consider it like zaps of energy surrounding the earths atmosphere
  • Great night for meditation, yoga, engaging in any spiritual activity to help promote balance.
  • Completely normal to feel heart palpitations, dizziness and a general feeling of being spacey during this period

New Moon in Taurus

  • May 15th
  • Neck, vocal cords, throat and thyroid
  • Taurus rules the heart chakra
  • Focus meditations, yoga poses and breathing techniques on the heart
  • It is known on the negative side for stubbornness and being vain – this will play off of the ego 3rd charka energy still lingering from last month. Pay attention to your vanity!
  • You cannot move forward spiritually if your existence focus only on what you physically see
  • Write your manifestations. New Moon is prime energy for this!
  • Sage and palo santo your home on this night


Uranus Aligns with Taurus

  • Beginning on May 15th and continuing until November 6th- It will return back in March 2019 for a 7 year stay
  • First time in 84 years since 1934 (1934-1942) – if you look back to the last time this alignment occurred you will find a list of leaders that were assassinated, WWII, the depression, the dust bowl, massive shifting of the world powers
  • Taurus prides itself of staying stagnant. It is a fixed earth sign, Taurus hangs on to what it owns for dear life because it’s a matter of survival ( food, water, finances, possessions, people, etc)
  • Uranus, which rules things like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme natural disasters, is the planet that makes sudden unexpected visits that upset the applecart in order to unstick things that are stuck.
  • Uranus in Taurus means shocks to the emphasis on materialism, consumerism, greed and keeping things as they are. It can mean a collapse in banking, a new currency being created, extreme earth patterns, change in all ego values. It means the fall of old structures that have kept things stable but have become stagnant, no longer suited to the modern world. Collapse of consumerism – the shopping centers, traditional retail outlets all recalibrating.
  • Expect a shake up, more so than the warnings we are already receiving

Full Moon In Sagittarius 

  • May 29th
  • Sagittarius rules the 2nd chakra
  • Trouble arises when the 2nd chakra and the 3rd are out at the same time.
  • Liver, hips, sacrum, thighs
  • This moon is going to kick the 2nd chakra clearing into high gear. Expect to confront your shadow side, which we will discuss in June’s Spirit Meeting.
  • Sage and palo santo your home this night
  • Write and release energy forgiveness. Great night to burn and let go!

Below are links to suggest meditations for the month:

Very important meditation for this month – 2nd Chakra

3rd Chakra Guided Meditation


****Registration for June’s Spirit Meeting is now open! June 5th at the Roycroft 6:30 – 8pm Sign up to attend in person or online.  The class fills up quickly, therefore, please sign up A.S.A.P

Link to Register for Spirit Class 



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