Knowledge is POWER when two sides go to WAR/ This week AstroloCAST DEC 2-8

Diving right into this week – Dec. 2nd and 3rd Aries energy is strong. Known as the god of war, this frequency certainly lives up to its name. Your job is to keep those emotions in check so you’ll be able to harness the energy coming in instead of getting locked in the ego centers for the beginning of the week

Dec 4th,5th and 6th we connect to Taurus – ruler of the 4th chakra and the hurt behind your heart. Much about the sadness of love and times of grief are lying beneath the Taurus energy. Staying focused in the love around you and not getting lost in your past will be key.

Dec 7th and 8th Gemini * Full moon – ruler of the 5th chakra We move up the ladder until we reach 5th energy center. We will be passing through the anger and doubt to gain passage to the heart to and access the first of the three higher chakras, the throat. This week’s theme to harness this energy is ALL about calming the anger and the self-abuse enough to let the heart expand.

Why is this important? Awareness of your emotions and the understanding that they are not all self-contained is key to evolving. It is a scientific fact that we are beings of energy and the molecules of your body originated from stardust. This is not debatable. It is fact. You have electricity in your body and all of the molecules that make up who you are were sent down from space when supernovas and massive explosions of energy between stars occurred.

Many famous Scientists are beginning to showcase the information that if we are made of stars and energy then we most certainly have a connection to them constantly flowing through us. This is called Astro Physiology as one of the Greatest scientists of our time, Bruce Lipton, recently stated. Therefore, what if you can align with that energy signal before it hits? Avoid it “sneaking up on you”. That is why in this video I cover the emotional and physical warning signs you might be feeling as this alignment happens and give you all the tools you need to work through and attune to the spirit that is you.

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