Can you Harness the Energy of this Week and Stay mentally Healthy?/AstroloCAST March 11th-17th

This weeks AstroloCAST is IN! This weekly show that helps you understand your energy and how to use it to understand your mental health. In this episode, we’re talking about the moon, intuition and energy and how to help all of this work for you and not against you. Stay tuned for tips on tools to improve your mental health and anger management skills as Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn light fire to the week!

Scorpio 11th and 12th

Aggressive and angry confrontational

3rd chakra




Sagittarius 13th,14th and 15th

Judgmental and stubborn


2nd chakra


Road trip

Outdoor Planting

Getting dirty

Capricorn 16th and 17th

Reclusive and lazy

Nature walk


Connect with animals

insects Nature sounds

1st chakra

Uncover the Mysterious Mental Moon: AstroloCAST Feb 24 – March 3

Hey, everyone! AstroloCast is back and this week we’re talking about how knowing the energy can help transform your understanding of mental health. We’ll also be discussing the moon’s energy and how to tap into your intuition. Stay tuned for more!

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AstroloSTARS- Be the parent your soul thought you’d be.

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This week’s breakdown-

24 – 26th Taurus

4th chakra/heart





27 – 28th Gemini

Trouble Concentrating

5th chakra

ADHD Plan Activities


March 1 -3 – Cancer

tissues anyone?






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Love Takes A Dark Turn (What You Need To Know)/AstroloCAST Feb 9-15

***WARNING*** This is NOT an astrology prediction vlog! This is a guidebook on how to be ahead of the chaos each week and learn to master your inner truth.

Ready for your weekly dose of celestial news with Astrolocast! In this episode, we’ll explore the astrological energies for the week ahead and how to use them to your advantage. We’ll also talk about moon alignments, energy, and how to be the creator of your life. Tune in every Thursday for a new episode!

This week’s Breakdown 9, 10,11



4th Chakra


Balance Burnout

*Tips at the End of Video

12th & 13th






Ruminating thoughts


4th 15th




Quick to fight

Choose your vibe

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Sadness, Stubborn and Self Expression are the keys to unlock this week/AstroloCAST Feb 2- 8

WARNING- This is NOT an Astrology prediction forecast. The AstroloCAST focuses on the frequencies that affect our bodies each week and how to navigate the flow within your soul. OUR CELLS ARE MADE OF STARDUST, this is a FACT. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense that our cells have a link to which they are made from? Gain the knowledge and gain the power you deserve to be the creator in your own life. Each week I will guide you on how to master this.

This week, we get to experience it as we take a journey through three powerful zodiac signs – Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Each of these signs bring different gifts and potential for our lives, so AstroloCAST is the perfect way to explore what lies within and tap into their energies.

Watch for more info as we reconnect with the spirit that is you.

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Starseed: How to Tap Into Your Energy for Greater Success/ AstroloCAST Jan 20-26

Are you curious about what the stars have in store for you this week? AstroloCAST is here to help! In this weekly video series, we’ll be decoding the zodiac, planets, energy, chakras, and more to give you tips on how to best navigate day-to-day. Why is this important? Because everyone who has this knowledge is already ahead of you…why don’t you deserve the same? Be sure to subscribe and hit the notifications bell as we focus on Manifesting – learn all about how to use the power of the stars to create the life you want!

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Weekly Breakdown –

20&21 Capricorn –

1st chakra





Bird sounds

22&23 Aquarius –

1st chakra


*New Moon energy too

Grounding Waterfalls

24 & 25 Pisces

2nd chakra






Pineal Gland

Madness to Sadness all in one week/How to Master this Flow/AstroloCAST Dec 29-Jan5

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In this video, we’ll be discussing ZODIAC, PERDICTIONS, ASTROLOGY, and MOON in relation to ONE WEEK. This is a very intense and condensed video, so make sure to drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep before watching.

AstroloCAST for Dec 29th – Jan 5th.Madness to Sadness all in one week. How to cope, how to identify how what is true and what is flow? This and more on this week’s AstroloCAST.

Let’s take a tour through Aries, Taurus, Gemini.

Dec 29th – 31st –Survival tips

3rd chakra

Angry Mood


Nature sounds

Taurus – Jan 1st and 2nd

4th Chakra

Heart Hurt side of LOVE



Deep Chest Breath

Gemini Jan 3rd – 5th

5th Chakra, Throat

Be sure to move!



Get Outside!

Survival tips for this week – Watch Video for Mudra and AstroloYOGA positions. Make this week COUNT!

Make the Final Week of this month count/AstroloCAST Dec 23-28

Take a moment to check out this weeks AstroloCAST. It is going to be an emotional rollercoaster BUT a few simple techniques can change your entire week.

Remember when connecting with friends and relatives, any emotional trigger you have is actually a door to a lower vibration that is in need of being healed from within. Take the time to give yourself the love you need to heal and move forward with your best self as 2023 knocks at the door.

Knowledge is POWER when two sides go to WAR/ This week AstroloCAST DEC 2-8

Diving right into this week – Dec. 2nd and 3rd Aries energy is strong. Known as the god of war, this frequency certainly lives up to its name. Your job is to keep those emotions in check so you’ll be able to harness the energy coming in instead of getting locked in the ego centers for the beginning of the week

Dec 4th,5th and 6th we connect to Taurus – ruler of the 4th chakra and the hurt behind your heart. Much about the sadness of love and times of grief are lying beneath the Taurus energy. Staying focused in the love around you and not getting lost in your past will be key.

Dec 7th and 8th Gemini * Full moon – ruler of the 5th chakra We move up the ladder until we reach 5th energy center. We will be passing through the anger and doubt to gain passage to the heart to and access the first of the three higher chakras, the throat. This week’s theme to harness this energy is ALL about calming the anger and the self-abuse enough to let the heart expand.

Why is this important? Awareness of your emotions and the understanding that they are not all self-contained is key to evolving. It is a scientific fact that we are beings of energy and the molecules of your body originated from stardust. This is not debatable. It is fact. You have electricity in your body and all of the molecules that make up who you are were sent down from space when supernovas and massive explosions of energy between stars occurred.

Many famous Scientists are beginning to showcase the information that if we are made of stars and energy then we most certainly have a connection to them constantly flowing through us. This is called Astro Physiology as one of the Greatest scientists of our time, Bruce Lipton, recently stated. Therefore, what if you can align with that energy signal before it hits? Avoid it “sneaking up on you”. That is why in this video I cover the emotional and physical warning signs you might be feeling as this alignment happens and give you all the tools you need to work through and attune to the spirit that is you.

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AstroloCAST: HUGE impacts on the way we think & treat ourselves as this week unfolds!

Looking for Earth frequency, Spiritual energy, and Astrology news? You’ve come to the right place! This Site is your one-stop Station for ALL things energy and how to use these frequencies to ignite your inner self.

In this video, we’ll be discussing everything you need from the 17th to the 23rd of November. Be sure to Subscribe to our channel for the latest news and updates!

This week’s theme will be getting down to the heart of it all. As we move through this week the doors will open to a new lesson and a new theme of light vibrating through the collective.

Beginning the 17th and the 18th the power of your voice will be challenged with thoughts and emotions rising around the fear of not being heard and not honoring your unique self. This emotion may shadow your ability to let the vibration of Virgo show you how to ignite the truth from within and be the light you are here to become. Tips on how to avoid this in this week’s video above.

The 19th – the 21st will be the heart of this week. Libra flashes its glamorous side as it brings up our deep need to be loved and honor balance within our outer and inner worlds. The question will be, can you stay out of the lower aspects of this energy and avoid being self-righteous? If so, you will find yourself able to use this strong love to open your heart.

Lastly, we enter the 22nd and 23rd when Scorpio stings our ego with its intoxicating aggressive nature. What to do when this energy tries to control you? Head straight in the opposite direction and give love to those around you. This giving frequency will redirect back to you and ignite your truth to shine with love.

Throw in some high numerological days and a meteor shower and this week will seem never-ending BUT we got this.

Together we can shine through anything. As we guide the collective frequency to raise above the lower vibes we will have the power to change the world.

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