4 thoughts on “An unexpected ending becomes a new beginning

  1. Hello Sweet Jillian,
    I had no idea that you were all going through this loss. My heart goes out to you Jillian and family. If you recall, Libby died at just 5 too. Very rare insulinoma, out of nowhere. You helped me and Donna at the time. I hope that telling you how much you helped us with our loss, and how you always help us all these passing years, makes you feel uplifted. I think too, showing a real example of what a sign can be, the red bow, is important in understanding signs. Thank you. Our deepest condolences. Donna will be in tears when she gets home from work and watches your video. New Yorkie is very lucky and so are you!

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    • They are our angels Ms.Rhonda and we are theirs too. Our lives forever blessed as the following and watch us with love every moment. I an sending both you and Donna rhe biggest hugs. U have been the light to. So many fur babies…and they are the light to you right back. 🥰🤗


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