May 2020 Full Update is IN!!!

A month of Earth quakes extreme weather patterns, CMEs, Schumann Resonance and there is no break in sight. Such amazing energy coming our way!!

Important dates for May 2020 – watch video for details on gemstones, aromatherapies, ways to clear your home, yoga poses, mudras, breathing techniques, NEW CLASS SERIES, clearing your PETS and MORE!!

May 4-5-6th peaking on the night of the 5th Aquraids meteor shower. 

May 7th Supermoon in Scorpio

Retrograde on the 11th Saturn

Starting the 20th Gemini enters the sun.

May 22nd Moon in Gemini

May is going to be a pivotal month for all of us! NEW THIS MONTH – PET SERIES and LIVE MONTHLY SPIRIT CLASSES!! For more info watch above! Click to become a Bright Light Tier patron to sign up for monthly classes!…

Click Below to pay for CURRENT MONTH class only!!…

Click below to go to Bellaroma Therapies for 5th and 3rd chakra oil blend!

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