April 2020 – We are healing the heart. Isn’t that obvious?

Quick ancient background on the alignments occurring for April 2020

Venus is taking center stage. The Goddess of LOVE, known as Venus in Roman mythology and Aphrodite in Greek mythology, is the aspect of the feminine.  Venus fell in love with Mars (ruler of Aries), the god of war, and had a long-standing affair with him. Throughout her ancient tale, Venus fought for her freedom to love whom she chose.  She was never meant to be tied down.  In their affair, Aries softened and learned how to be gentle, calmer and more caring.  Love is meant to be open, un-corrupt, not dependent on any restrictions.

Just to shed some light on something that may seem irrelevant unless you really look deeper – In March, as the planet Venus moved into alignment with the energy of her long time love, an explosion occurred.  We were called back to love.  We were called back to our families. To care for one another.  To let go of how things look, re-calibrate if we truly need these fancy items and things or if we just need each other. In mythology, Venus had several children but most notably among them was 4 children- Eros (Cupid), Deimus (Fear), Phobus (Panic) and Harmonia.  Love is born by healing fear, panic and finding our place to harmony.   Its like an ancient puzzle, isn’t it!! So cool!!

Additionally, last week, in the midst the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, massive weather patterns (all part of mother nature’s healing process) the planet Uranus was detected releasing a mysterious gas into the universe that has never occurred before.  I know that sounds funny, Uranus = releasing Gas, but as soon as you’re done getting a good chuckle, ponder this; Uranus is the god of the heavens.  In mythology Venus was his daughter.  So essentially, the heavens, opened up to send down energy to us as Venus was teaching us how to re-calibrate in love by healing the god of war and control.  All. That. Craziness. Was. Going. On. In. The. Sky. During this craziness on earth.  SERIOUSLY!! How could anyone not think this is all connected!!!  We are literally replicating what is going on in the universe. 

This is ALL a transition.  Many of you have been with me for years and we discussed this coming in our Spirit Classes several times.  What is going on is nothing new.  So how do we make this transition easier, faster and less painful?  We make sure we are aligned with the energy the universe is sending in.  It. Is. That. Simple!!!! Fear will feed Ares causing it to grow.  Love will heal Ares causing it to flow. There is a reason Venus rules the heart chakra and this is EXACTLY where this current virus wreaks havoc, the chest!!! Blocked energy causes disease. Therefore, please please please, do any one of these techniques I put on the AstroloYoga.com site. It is solely designed to align you with what is flowing in.  The entire program is FREE so anyone and everyone can benefit.   I am committed to making sure it is always free for any soul that needs it! See the links below for the April program, which is briefly outlined in this blog.  We are all in this together, you grow, I grow, I grow, we grow…its all about us working together and I love all of you so much! 

Now on to April 2020 –

Both moons Full and New are centered in the heart chakra – Libra on the 8th and Taurus on the 23rd! The energy will be all 4th energy center ALL MONTH. Coincidence??? Absolutely NOT!

April 4th – Global Mediation for healing!!! JOIN IT PLEASE!!!! (see video below for details)

April 8 – Full Moon what do you want to let go of? This moon is in Libra, loving more gentle side of Venus. Therefore, it will be calmer and less anger.  It rules kidneys.  Drinking lots of PURE water is essential and also helps promote energy to move. Rule of thumb, drink AT LEAST half your body weight in ounces. Plus, that by 20% if you want energy to move better throughout your meridians, nadis and chakra centers of the body.  This planet is about growth and expansion.

April 22, 23 – Lyrids Meteor Shower. The Lyrids is an average shower but it’s occurring on a high spiritual 22 day, which will amplify its energy.  22 is about building, planning, creating and hard work.  It is exactly what this whole year is about. This will heighten this energy even more.  Please take the time to clear your home and align this day.  

April 23 – New Moon Taurus – neck, thyroid, vocal cord – Venus again!! However, the more bullheaded aspects of love. The vengeful, stubborn, up for a fight.  The end of this month will be more emotionally intense than the beginning. Be careful and watch your reactions. Also please shut off the news especially on this new moon week. Not only is manifesting more heightened, with the vengeful side of Venus and love coming out. People are going to be downright awful to each other. Don’t get caught up in that. Be the example. BE THE CHANGE.  The more balanced you are, the more clearly you will see within yourself what aspects of your heart still need healing.  Carry your journal and be observant.  Do not choose anger, fear, impatience, blame, victim mode, etc.  BE the LOVE that Venus is centered upon. Remember New Moon – Manifestation time.  Everything you think about will be heightened to manifest at this time so beware of your thoughts and take a moment to write down some good intentions.  Let what you want grow.

Suggestions for this month all demonstrated and expanded upon at AstroloYoga.com please visit for further information –

Clearing house – sage and nag champa

Mudras – fearless heart, lotus, heart gesture

Asanas – wheel pose, camel pose, puppy pose, belt stretch pose and cat and cow pose

Pranayama– nadi shodina alternate nostril breathing, chest expansion awareness

Mantra – I am love, I share love, I expand love


Aromatherapy Heart Chakra blend at Bellaromatherapies.com and/or jasmine, rose, eculuptus

GUIDED MEDIATION and music for balance videos all on AstroloYoga.com

Don’t forget April 4th 10:45PM EST-



Lets do this!!!!

Again, all this and more monthly at AstroloYoga.com

As always, I am here if you need me – sending all of you love and light – Jillian

* update* strong 6.3 earthquake struck in Idaho Tuesday 8pm EST. Many of you know, the more balanced and in tune you are, the more you will feel these earth movements. Today is a numerology 11 day indicating high spiritual activity. On top of everything else occurring on a universal level, events like this are expected. Those who feel anxious, dizzy, nauseated, heart palpations, etc., earth events like this are known to trigger these emotions. Please take the time to balance. The follow any of the suggestions on the Astroloyoga.com sites to help you recenter. Staying connected and balanced right now is imperative!

One thought on “April 2020 – We are healing the heart. Isn’t that obvious?

  1. Remember that courage is a part of love. (Sometimes, love is a dynamic process). Ylang-ylang is also a good fragrance for heart chakra.


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