Uranus Sprung a leak,Earthquakes,Volcanic Explosions,Schumann Resonance heightened AGAIN -HELLO April 2020

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Think we could get a break?? Think not. With all the changing and re-balancing we are beginning to accelerate for April’s explosion.

The past two days major earthquakes were reported in Russia and the Philippines. Meanwhile the Schumann Resonance has been jumping vertically all over the scale. This morning huge, unexpected volcanic explosions recorded in Mexico. Also, as odd as this sounds, the planet Uranus began leaking gasses. Click here to read the article. Uranus in mythology was know as the god of the sky and the heavens. He was the father of Venus/Aphrodite – Ruler of the heart. Next month we align strongly with Venus. Coincidence?? Think not!!! What is happening and how do we stay calm and clear? Watch April’s The Spirit That Is You AstroloYoga series for answers and balance.

Remember, we are the universe, it’s all connected. Sending love and light – Jillian

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