Massive energy release last night. The IMF near earth has spiked south to less than -20. Which amplifys geomagnetic energy and causes Auroras a.k.a energy boosts throughout the earth. In addition a solar storm fired up. Add that to the fact that we are currently full steam ahead on this ascension process and in the Lions Gate energy and we are going to be spinning. Those of you who are currently experiencing ascension symptoms, it will most likely heighten if it hasn’t already. TRY TRY TRY to not get fearful. That will hold up the whole process. Trust me, I speak from experience😂🤣😂.

Thank you to everyone taking part in our quick healing circle Mondays and Thursdays!! Remember, next time is at noon today. Please take a minute to think of something that brings you joy, then project it to those who have requested in the previous post comments. Soon I will put together a list that is more accessible for all of us… still working on that.

Love to you all, hang in there today. My light is here on earth with you and yours with me always. I’m so grateful for that.

Click here for an article on the lions gate for those interested

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