July 2018 Monthly Energy Report

As July moves through the earth energy is going to intensify. Many are already experiencing this. This month is going to be one of the most intense we have seen yet. While it will begin quiet, the middle and end will be filled with intense releases and ever-changing vibrations. Below are tips on how to stay balanced;

July 13th
New Moon in Cancer

  • Cancer brings up emotions, do not hold anything inside
  • Physically rules the stomach, the ovary’s, the womb
  • Spiritually Rules the 6th chakra – The brow chakra or third eye
  • Color light blue
  • Solfeggio tone 852hz
  • Yoga poses – Downward dog, child’s pose, Hero pose
  • Gemstones – sodalite

July 13th – Partial Solar Eclipse

  • Spiritual meaning – Solar eclipses often occur in conjunction with a New Moon. Therefore they amplify the energy of a new moon phase – growth, new beginnings, powerful manifesting, etc.
  • This one is occurring in the sign of cancer, a highly emotional, nurturing, loving sign. Expect those emotions to be heightened.
  • Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon, therefore, expect the influence of the moon alignment to be exacerbated. Hormones may be a little nuts, digestions might be challenged, the 6th chakra is going to be getting a work out along with the grounding 1st chakra energy.
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate, engage in some thing spiritual, watch your thoughts!! Manifesting is going to be at extreme levels, use it to your advantage not your detriment!
  • Solar eclipses also temporary block out light so darker (lower vibrating) energies can be released. Sage, sage, sage, and palo santo your homes, offices, etc.– all materials in spirit bags for this month.

July 26th Mercury enters retrograde

  • Ruler of the 5th chakra
  • Mercury is the best known retrograde planet. Its effects tend to be the most noticed by everyone. Whenever it moves into its appeared reverse motion, expect all interactions to be influenced
  • Mercury is the ruler of all things communication. From our verbal communication to our technological communication. Reaching agreements, making plans, cell phone connections, computers, interpersonal conversations, etc., all are going to be a challenge.
  • Tips on how to manage – Be patient. Take any delays as a sign that the universe is practicing divine timing. As always be kind to others, especially if you find yourself in the middle of a misunderstanding.

Full Moon in Aquarius – July 27th

  • Aquarius – intuition is in overdrive, manifestation is ultra powerful.
  • Spiritually Rules the Root (1st Chakra) – Grounding chakra
  • The Color Red
  • Solfeggio tone 396hz
  • Yoga Poses Mountain pose, bridge pose, Savasana
  • Gemstones – black tourmaline & tigers eye
  • Ground, Ground, Ground your energy!

Total Lunar Eclipse – Blood Red color – July 27th

  • Longest Lunar eclipse of the century.
  • Provide a power opening for manifesting, collective consciousness and spiritual energy
  • This will be an energetic download – may shifts. Some will begin their ascension process, for others it will intensify their current process and for others it will be a book-end for something in your growth challenge. Key word is changes…within all of us
  • It is no coincidence this moon will appear RED – Heavy effects on grounding…this will be felt about a week before and a week after
  • 1st Chakra meditation is a necessity, daily if possible leading up to the eclipse
  • Expect physical effects such as heart palpitations, headaches a general shakiness. Remember energy is a vibration, when it heightens it amplifies your energy which may seem like a tremor or shakiness
  • Intense emotions and mood swings
  • Assist others in understanding what they are experiencing. Many will be feeling this and likely wont understand what or why they are feeling “off”. Be patient, be kind and lead with your spirit, not your human self.

July 28th & 29th – Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower

  • Ground and connect, ground and connect
  • Mix of 7th chakra energy and 1st chakra energy will be spinning out of control
  • Again, all energy is highly amplified during an eclipse
  • Watch your thoughts, be mindful of what your projecting
  • MEDITATE, practice breathing techniques, ground!!
  • Sage and Palo Santo your home on this day!

Suggested meditation this month for balance:

Grounding Guided Meditation for the 1st chakra

Suggested Site for Grounding Chakra Scent

Site for grounding/healing Bath Salts

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