Scorpio Full Moon Preparations

Quick reminder we are about 5 short days away from the full moon. This moon is going to stir up plenty of ego energy. Keep a close eye on your 3rd chakra and be sure to take note of whatever comes up. This way you can clear and release any blockages. As with ego energy this strong, much of the emotions arising will be centered on anger, vanity, judgement, jealousy, shallow topics, etc. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation over the coming days that could escalate negatively quickly, step back and keep calm. Remember, everyone will be experiencing this to some degree and many do not have the spiritual knowledge to understand why they feel the way they do. Be patient and kind. Set your best example.

Additionally, start your forgiveness list so it is complete and ready to be released and burned by the 30th. Full moon energy is about forgiveness and letting go. Remaining in the victim mindset will only cause you to be powerless and unable to grow. Release all that no longer serves you. The results will be beautiful for your soul.

Click here for a great guided meditation to clear and balance the solar plexus.

Sending all of you love and light, Jillian

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