Geomagnetic storm occuring

Hello! A geomagnetic storm began at 2am EST last night and strengthened considerably by 4am EST. I woke this morning to several texts and emails from those who felt immediate effects from this activity (anxiety, panic,rapid heart beat,palpitations and general unrest). Remember, this storm is occurring in conjunction to the Lyrids meteor shower so its energy will be amplified. The first step in assisting this type of energy to clear is to avoid letting your mind run away with you and focusing too much on your emotions or physical sensations. Try your best to breathe through any imbalance you are experiencing. This will push the energy through your body instead of promoting it to become stuck. Also, try to focus on your third chakra (suggested meditations below). The energy in the solar plexus is very heightened right now, therefore, most of the energy coming through will get stuck in that location if there is any prior blockage.

Below is a link to a good 3rd chakra meditation. Please, be kind and patient with yourself and others today.

Sending all of you lots of love and light.

Click here for solar plexus guided meditation

Click here for solar plexus meditation without voice guidance

Click here to learn more about courses and meetings to assist you on your journey

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