April 2018 Monthly Energy Report

Hello Everyone!  So much is changing and shifting!  With each passing month, it seems like the energy begins to intensify.  Many of you have been asking how to stay balanced and feel normal again.  The truth is, we are in transition headed into a new normal.  Therefore, it is going to be bumpy at times, it is going to feel intense, you are going to feel different and the changes may be challenging to acclimate to.  Most of all, please know that this will all begin to settle and you will get back to a new normal that is much better that the previous description you once held in your mind.  We are changing, the earth is changing, the weather is changing, our souls are evolving.  Welcome it and know your you’re not alone.  We are all in this together and I will do everything I can to keep you afloat as this energy moves and clears on a daily basis.

That being said, April!! April is here and spring is supposed to be here too….for much of the eastern part of the United States, this has not been the case.  The massive storms that moved through most of the country last night are still  roaring outside many of our windows.  These inclement weather patterns are going to continue to be the norm as the earth struggles to create its balance.  So hang in there and don’t let it get your down…it all for the greater good.

Important dates to keep an eye out for in April –

  • April 16th New moon in Aries
  • April 15th Mercury Retrograde Ends
  • 21st – 23rd Lyrids Meteor Shower peak
  • 30th Full Moon in Scorpio

Our 3rd chakra is going to be getting a work out this month.  The solar plexus is the house of ego and with both Aries and Scorpio coming into the limelight, this chakra is going to be getting a complete clearing and revamp.

April 16th – New Moon in Aries

The new moon energy will usher in highly emotional energy and impulsiveness.  It can also cause powerful feelings to arise and the need to start new habits.  Be very careful of new habit patterns – make sure they’re good ones, because they’ll set the tone for you for quite some time to come!

Aries energy may cause some noticeable effects on the head, face brain and eyes.  If you are more sensitive to energy, you will feel these influences more.  Try to breathe and focus on 3rd chakra meditations to keep your energy clear. Also:

  • Sage your home
  • Put together your New Moon intentions – remember new moon is for manifesting. full moon is for forgiving.

April 21st – 23rd Lyrids Meteor Showers

  • Average meteor shower producing 20 meteors per minute
  • April 16th-25th peak between the 21st and the 23rd
  • The energy will be strongest during its peak
  • Meteor showers cause an amplified earth energy and a deeper connection with our celestial atmosphere
  • Consider it like zaps of energy surrounding the earths atmosphere
  • Great night for meditation, yoga, engaging in any spiritual activity to help promote balance.

April 30th Full Moon In Scorpio

Whenever Scorpio takes center stage, expect anger, jealousy and bad temperament to follow.  This sign really pulls up your shadow side.  Be mindful of this while shopping or being in public.  Don’t start or engage in any arguments.  They will escalate quickly.  Many of your negative attributes may surface as well, so be mindful of what the universe is trying to show you.  Make notes, then work on releasing.  The Full moon is also great for forgiveness, so write down whatever you wish to let go of and release it into an element (earth, wind, fire or water).

  • Sage your home
  • 3rd chakra energy work
  • Meditation, yoga, music, etc for the solar plexus
  • Keep your ego in check

We will discuss these topics in further depth at the April spirit meeting on the 11th. Additionally, the April spirit bags will include, herbal teas, gemstones, energy clearing tools and essential oils all geared toward keeping that 3rd chakra in line.  We will be talking about the current state of the energy and the ascension process – which many of you are currently sorting through.  The April class is full but you can pre-order the materials and audio for the class by clicking here.  The materials will be sent directly to your email on April 12.  May’s class will be on Tuesday May 1st, sign up is open and will be offered online for those of you who wish to attend the class in the comfort of your own home. Like those who attend the class at the Roycroft Chapel, Spirit bags will also be mailed to anyone who attends the online class. Sign up a.s.a.p before the class is full! To sign up click here.

Sending all of you lots of love and light -Jillian 

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